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What's Eating You?
People and Parasites
Eugene H. Kaplan

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface: Personal Parasites ix
Acknowledgments xi
Apologia xiii
On the Sacredness of Life xv

Introduction. The Saline Solution--An Inner Sea 1
Chapter 1: Land of Smiles 6
Chapter 2: An Encounter with Jordan Rose 15
Chapter 3: I Had a Farm in Africa 25
Chapter 4: Death of a Mouse 33
Chapter 5: Intimate Relationships 40
Chapter 6: A Peek into the Anus of--My Child 48
Chapter 7: The Well-Hung Dog 58
Chapter 8: Fiery Serpent 69
Chapter 9: It Hardly Ever Happens 75
Chapter 10: The Anti-Semitic Tapeworm 82
Chapter 11: Mother Always Wanted Me to Be a Real Doctor 91
Chapter 12: Missus Murphy's Baby 98
Chapter 13: The Day I Flunked the Macho Test 109
Chapter 14: The Biblical Plagues 117
Chapter 15: Alley Cats and Seagulls 127
Chapter 16: A Better Mousetrap 137
Chapter 17: Scandals and Ghosts 144
Chapter 18: Spiny-Headed Monsters 155
Chapter 19: Bloodsucking Beasts 165
Chapter 20: Ode to a Cockroach 174
Chapter 21: Bats, Bugs, and Bloody Bites 184
Chapter 22: Little Fleas Have Littler Fleas 195
Chapter 23: How to Get Rid of Crabs 203
Chapter 24: Wild Virgins 211

Inexplicable Behavior: Some Relationships Are More Intimate Than Others 221
Chapter 25: Topsy-Turvy Worlds 224
Chapter 26: A Day in the Caribbean 235
Chapter 27: Tit, Tit, Tittie--Cuckoo 245
Chapter 28: The Game of Life: Name That Category 251
Chapter 29: Paean of Praise 257
Chapter 30: Tips for Travelers 268
Epilogue 277
Glossary 281
Selected References 293
Illustration Sources 295
Index 297

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File created: 4/27/2015

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