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The Symptom and the Subject:
The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece
Brooke Holmes

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xiii
Note on Transliterations and Translations xxiii

Symptoms and Subjects 1
Seeing through Symptoms 9
The Physical Imagination 19
Rethinking S?ma and Psukh? 29
Telling Stories 37

CHAPTER ONE: Before the Physical Body 41
Daemonic Violence 48
The Seen and the Felt 58
The Boundaries of the Felt 64
Fear and the Visual Field of the Self 69
How Gods Act 73
The Seen Body and Social Agency 76
Interpreting Disease and Practices of Healing 79

CHAPTER TWO: The Inquiry into Nature and the Physical Imagination 84
Depersonalizing Causes 90
Natural Justice 95
Melissus and the Denial of Body 101
A Community of Objects 108
Bodies, Persons, Knowledge 116

CHAPTER THREE: Incorporating the Daemonic 121
Symptoms at the Th reshold of Seen and Unseen 126
The Interval 130
Explaining Disease 133
The Dynamics of the Cavity 138
The Automatic Body 142

CHAPTER FOUR: Signs of Life and Techniques of Taking Care 148
The Prognostic Symptom: Forces of Life and Death 150
Fragile Life 156
On Ancient Medicine and the Discovery of Human Nature 162
Embodiment, Knowledge, and Technical Agency 171
Taking Care 177
Shoring Up the Self 182

CHAPTER FIVE: Beyond the S?ma: Therapies of the Psukh? 192
Bodily Needs 196
Psychic Desires 202
Gorgias's Encomium to Helen and Human Diseases 211
Psychic Disorder in Democritus 216

CHAPTER SIX: Forces of Nature, Acts of Gods: Euripides' Symptoms 228
The Polysemy of the Symptom 233
Tragedy and the Interval 239
Euripides' Causes: Th e Madness of Heracles 242
Euripides' Causes: Th e Madness of Orestes 246
Realizing Disease in the Hippolytus 252
Daemonic Phusis 260
The Semantics of Suff ering 265

Conclusion 275
Bibliography 281
Index Locorum 325
General Index 349

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File created: 4/21/2017

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