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Orderly Fashion:
A Sociology of Markets
Patrik Aspers

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Preface ix
Introduction 1
The Aims of the Book 4
Order 5
Outline of the Book 9

Chapter 1: Garment Sellers in Consumer Markets 11
Identity 12
Market Differentiation 13
Types of Sellers 19
Competition and Cooperation 26
Splitting and Fusing Markets 31
Summary 33

Chapter 2: Affordable Fashion 34
Identities of Branded Garment Retailers 35
Retailers' Customers 40
Consumption and Identity 43
Price and Garments 46
Fashion 49
Fashion and Power 54
Identity Management 55
The Culture of the Market 57
Status Order 58
Summary 60

Chapter 3: Entrenching Identities 62
Performance Control 63
Relations of Identities 89
Summary 91

Chapter 4: Branded Garment Retailers in the
Production Market 94
Design and Fashion 95
Finding Manufacturers 102
Competition among Retailers 112
The Product 117
Retailers' Identities 123
Summary 123

Chapter 5: Manufacturing Garments in the Global Market 125
The Industry from the Perspective of the Manufacturers 126
The Production Process 131
Identity Differentiation and Strategies 136
Price and Global Competition 138
The Market Culture 142
Order Out of Standard 144
Summary 145

Chapter 6: Branded Garment Retailers in the
Investment Market 147
Approaching Financial Markets 148
Retailers' Identities in Investor Markets 149
The Stock Market and Its Value 150
Trading Fashion Stocks 155
Evaluation of Stocks 156
Economic Evaluation 158
Summary 162

Chapter 7: Markets as Partial Orders 165
Discussion of the Study 165
Partial Orders 171

Appendix I: Empirical Material and Methods 175
Appendix II: Garment Trade Statistics 181
Appendix III: The Garment Industry 185
Appendix IV: Economic Sociology 191
Appendix V: Fashion Theory and Research 195

Notes 201
References 213
Index 235

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File created: 4/21/2017

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