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Valuing the Unique:
The Economics of Singularities
Lucien Karpik
Translated by Nora Scott

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations and Tables ix
Preface xi

Part One: An Overlooked Reality
Chapter One: The Problem 3
Chapter Two: Singularities 10
What Are Singularities? 10
A Preliminary Journey 13
The Market of Psychoanalysis 15
Two Models of Singularity 16

Chapter Three: Do We Need Another Market Theory? 21
What Mainstream Economics Could Only Ignore 21
What the "New Economics" Chose to Ignore 23

Part Two: Tools for Analysis
Chapter Four: Judgment 35
Can Economic Analysis Ignore Information? 35
Decision and Judgment 36
What Is Judgment? 39

Chapter Five: Judgment Devices 44
Devices Are Representatives 46
Devices Are Cognitive Supports 49
Devices Are Active Forces 51

Chapter Six: Trust Devices 55
Formal Analysis 57
Substantive Analysis 58

Chapter Seven: Homo singularis 67
Value and Instrumentality 68
Shopping 73
The Red Michelin Guide: A Paper Engine 77
How Many Ninth Symphonies Did Beethoven Compose? 80

Chapter Eight: The Metamorphosis of Singularities 87
The Weight of Words 88
Can Sameness Engender Incommensurability? 89

Chapter Nine: The Regimes of Economic Coordination 96
A Classification of the Economic Coordination Regimes 97
Consumer Commitments and Coordination Regimes 103
Interlude 106

Part Three: Economic Coordination RegimesImpersonal Devices Regimes 131
Chapter Ten: The Authenticity Regime 133
The Market of Fine Wines 135
The Hachette and the Parker Guides to Wine 138
The Intelligentsia, Connoisseurs, and the Layman 141
Vulnerability of the French Fine- Wines Market? 144

Chapter Eleven: The Mega Regime 148
Megafilms 148
The Luxury Megafirm 157
The Megabrand 163

Chapter Twelve: The Expert- Opinion Regime 167
Literary Prizes 167
Trendsetters and Gatekeepers 170
Public Quality- Rating Devices 171

Chapter Thirteen: The Common- Opinion Regime 174
Songs 175
Adjustment by the Charts 177
Personal Devices Regimes 181

Chapter Fourteen: The Network- Market 183
The Personal Network 183
The Trade Network 185
The Practitioner Network 186

Chapter Fifteen: The Reticular Coordination Regime 188
Coordination by Shared Convictions 188
Coordination by Belief in Miracle Workers 191

Chapter Sixteen: The Professional Coordination Regime 195
Professional Regime Variants 196
Legal- Services Coordination Regime Variants 203

Chapter Seventeen: Prices 209
Concordance 211
Disproportion 219

Part Four: Finale
Chapter Eighteen: The Historicity of Singularities 229
The Rule of Product Renewal 232
Desingularization of Personalized Services 236
Desingularization of Pop Music 242

Chapter Nineteen: Conclusion: Economics of Singularities and Individualism 255
On Individualism 256
Singularities and Individualism 261
Index 265

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File created: 4/21/2017

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