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The Microtheory of Innovative Entrepreneurship
William J. Baumol

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Figures and Tables ix
PREFACE: The Innovative Entrepreneur in Dynamic Microtheory xi
INTRODUCTION: Bringing Entrepreneurship and Innovation into the Theory of Value 1
CHAPTER 1: Entrepreneurship in Economic Theory: Reasons for Its Absence and Goals for Its Restoration 9

PART I: Pricing, Remuneration, and Allocation of the Agents of Innovation
CHAPTER 2: Toward Characterization of the Innovation Industry: The David-Goliath Symbiosis 25
CHAPTER 3: Entrepreneurship, Invention, and Pricing: Toward Static Microtheory 36
CHAPTER 4: Oligopolistic "Red Queen" Innovation Games, Mandatory Price Discrimination, and Markets in Innovation 57

PART II: Welfare Theory: Technology Transfer, Imitation, and Creative Destruction
CHAPTER 5: Optimal Innovation Spillovers: The Growth-Distribution Trade-off 77
CHAPTER 6: Enterprising Technology Dissemination: Toward Optimal Transfer Pricing and the Invaluable Contribution of "Mere Imitation" 101
CHAPTER 7: The Entrepreneur and the Beneficial Externalities of Creative Destruction 128

PART III: Institutions, Payoffs, and the Entrepreneur's Choice of Activity: Historical Origins
CHAPTER 8: Economic Warfare as a "Red Queen" Game: The Emergence of Productive Entrepreneurship 139
CHAPTER 9: On the Origins of Widespread Productive Entrepreneurship 152
CHAPTER 10: The Allocation of Entrepreneurship Does Matter 165
CHAPTER 11: Mega-enterprising Redesign of Governing Institutions: Keystone of Dynamic Microtheory 172
CHAPTER 12: Summing Up: Yes, the Theory of Entrepreneurship Is on Its Way 188

Notes 197
References 225
Index 237

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File created: 4/21/2017

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