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The Ultimate Quotable Einstein
Collected and edited by Alice Calaprice
With a foreword by Freeman Dyson

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Foreword, by Freeman Dyson ix
A (long) note about this final edition xvii
A brief chronology xxv

On Einstein Himself 1
On and to His Family 29
On Aging 53
On America and Americans 61
On and to Children 75
On Death 89
On Education, Students, and Academic Freedom 97
On and to Friends, Specifi c Scientists, and Others 111
On Germans and Germany 159
On Humankind 171
On Jews, Israel, Judaism, and Zionism 191
On Life 227
On Music 233
On Pacifi sm, Disarmament, and World Government 243
On Peace, War, the Bomb, and the Military 261
On Politics, Patriotism, and Government 287
On Race and Prejudice 309
On Religion, God, and Philosophy 319
On Science and Scientists, Mathematics, and
Technology 347

On Miscellaneous Subjects 411
Abortion, Achievement, Ambition, Animals/Pets, Art and Science, Astrology, Birth Control, Birthdays, Books, Causality, China and the Chinese, Christmas, Clarity, Class, Clothes, Competition, Comprehensibility, Compromise, Conscience, Creativity, Crises, Curiosity, Death Penalty, Doctors, England, the English, and the English Language, Epistemology, Flying Saucers and Extraterrestrials, Force, Games, Good Acts, Graphology, Home, Homosexuality, Immigrants, Individuals/Individuality, Intelligence, Intuition, Invention, Italy and the Italians, Japan and the Japanese, Knowledge, Love, Marriage, Materialism, Miracles, Morality, Mysticism, Nature, Pipe Smoking, Posterity, The Press, Prohibition, Psychoanalysis, Public Speaking, Rickshaw Pullers, Sailing, Sculpture, Sex Education, Success, Thinking, Truth, Vegetarianism, Violence, Wealth, Wisdom, Women, Work, Youth
Einstein's Verses: A Small Selection 461
Attributed to Einstein 471
Others on Einstein 487

Bibliography 547
Index of Key Words 557
Subject Index 563

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File created: 10/23/2013

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