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The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs
Gregory S. Paul

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Preface 6
Acknowledgments 6
History of Discovery and Research 9
What Is a Dinosaur? 13
Dating Dinosaurs 14
The Evolution of Dinosaurs and Their World 15
Extinction 23
After the Age of Dinosaurs 24
Biology 24
General Anatomy 24
Skin, Feathers, and Color 32
Respiration and Circulation 33
Digestive Tracts 35
Senses 36
Vocalization 37
Disease and Pathologies 37
Behavior 38
Brains, Nerves, and Intelligence 38
Social Activities 38
Reproduction 39
Growth 44
Energetics 46
Gigantism 48
Mesozoic Oxygen 51
The Evolution--and Loss--of Avian Flight 52
Dinosaur Safari 53
If Dinosaurs Survived 54
Dinosaur Conservation 54
Where Dinosaurs Are Found 55
Using the Group and Species Descriptions 61
Group and Species Accounts
Dinosaurs 67
Theropods 67
Sauropodomorphs 162
Ornithischians 214
Additional Reading 316
Index: Dinosaur Taxa 317
Formations 319

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File created: 12/8/2016

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