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The Indignant Generation:
A Narrative History of African American Writers and Critics, 1934-1960
Lawrence P. Jackson

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List of Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction: Irredeemable Promise: The Bittersweet Career of J. Saunders Redding 1
Chapter One: Three Swinging Sisters: Harlem, Howard, and the South Side (1934-1936) 15
Chapter Two: The Black Avant-Garde between Left and Right (1935-1939) 42
Chapter Three: A New Kind of Challenge (1936-1939) 68
Chapter Four: The Triumph of Chicago Realism (1938-1940) 93
Chapter Five: Bigger Thomas among the Liberals (1940-1943) 123
Chapter Six: Friends in Need of Negroes: Bucklin Moon and Thomas Sancton (1942-1945) 149
Chapter Seven: "Beating That Boy": White Writers, Critics, Editors, and the Liberal Arts Coalition (1944-1949) 178
Chapter Eight: Afroliberals and the End of World War II (1945-1946) 196
Chapter Nine: Black Futilitarianists and the Welcome Table (1945-1947) 219
Chapter Ten: The Peril of Something New, or, the Decline of Social Realism (1947-1948) 258
Chapter Eleven: The Negro New Liberal Critic and the Big Little Magazine (1948-1949) 275
Chapter Twelve: The Communist Dream of African American Modernism (1947-1950) 297
Chapter Thirteen: The Insinuating Poetics of the Mainstream (1949-1950) 323
Chapter Fourteen: Still Looking for Freedom (1949-1954) 342
Chapter Fifteen: The Expatriation: The Price of Brown and the New Bohemians (1952-1955) 379
Chapter Sixteen: Liberal Friends No More: The Rubble of White Patronage (1956-1958) 411
Chapter Seventeen: The End of the Negro Writer (1955-1960) 444
Chapter Eighteen: The Reformation of Black New Liberals (1958-1960) 470
Chapter Nineteen: Prometheus Unbound (1958-1960) 485
Notes 511
Index 559

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File created: 4/21/2017

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