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Economic Lives:
How Culture Shapes the Economy
Viviana A. Zelizer

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Preface ix
Introduction: The Lives behind Economic Lives 1

Part one: Valuation of Human Lives
Introduction 13
Chapter 1: Human Values and the Market: The Case of Life Insurance and Death in Nineteenth-Century America 19
Chapter 2: The Price and Value of Children: The Case of Children's Insurance in the United States 40
Chapter 3: From Baby Farms to Baby M 61
Chapter 4: The Priceless Child Revisited 72

Part Two: The Social Meaning of Money Introduction 89
Chapter 5: The Social Meaning of Money: "Special Monies" 93
Chapter 6: Fine Tuning the Zelizer View 128
Chapter 7: Payments and Social Ties 136
Chapter 8: Money, Power, and Sex 150

Part Three: Intimate Economies
Introduction 165
Chapter 9: Do Markets Poison Intimacy? 171
Chapter 10: The Purchase of Intimacy 181
Chapter 11: Kids and Commerce 213
Chapter 12: Intimacy in Economic Organizations 237

Part Four: The Economy of Care
Introduction 269
Chapter 13: Caring Everywhere 275
Chapter 14: Risky Exchanges 288

Part Five: Circuits of Commerce
Introduction 303
Chapter 15: Circuits within Capitalism 311
Chapter 16: Circuits in Economic Life 344

Part Six: Appraising Ec onomic Lives: Critiques and Syntheses
Introduction 355
Chapter 17: Beyond the Polemics on the Market: Establishing a Theoretical and Empirical Agenda 363
Chapter 18: Pasts and Futures of Economic Sociology 383
Chapter 19: Culture and Consumption 398
Chapter 20: Ethics in the Economy 440

Published Works of Viviana A. Zelizer on Economic Sociology 459
Index 465

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File created: 11/11/2014

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