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The Complete Works of W. H. Auden, Volume IV:
Prose: 1956-1962
W. H. Auden
Edited by Edward Mendelson

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Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction xiii
The Text of This Edition xxxvii

At the End of the Quest, Victory 3
An Appreciation of the Lyric Verse of Walter de la Mare 6
Stimulating Scholarship 8
Hic et Ille 12
Introduction to Selected Writings of Sydney Smith 13
Introduction to The Descent of the Dove, by Charles Williams 25
Wisdom, Wit, Music 30
Making, Knowing and Judging 34
Walter de la Mare 34
An Eye for Mystery 37

Foreword to The Green Wall, by James Wright 39
The Great Captains 44
D. H. Lawrence as a Critic 48
Dostoevsky in Siberia 53
Concrete and Fastidious 57
Squares and Oblongs 63
The Wish Game 66
Guy Burgess 67
The Voltaire of Music 67
A Great Hater 71
A Grecian Eye 74
Just How I Feel 77
Sydney Smith: The Kind-Hearted Wit 82
West's Disease 88
Straw Without Bricks 88
Seventh Heavens 92
Crying Spoils the Appearance 95
Preface to Nulla Vogliamo dal Sogno, by Nino D'Ambra 99
Commentary on the Poetry and Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet 100

Foreword to A Crackling of Thorns, by John Hollander 113
Talent, Genius, and Unhappiness 118
The Great Divide 129
"A Mental Prince" 132
Music in Shakespeare: Its Dramatic Use in His Plays 135
Preface to Jean Sans Terre, by Yvan Goll 135
A Jolly Magpie 137
Reflections upon Reading Werner Jaeger's Paideia 145
The Life of a That-There Poet 153
The Kitchen of Life 166
The Sacred Cold 173
A Song of Life's Power to Renew 177

Foreword to Of the Festivity, by William Dickey 179
Thinking What We Are Doing 184
The Creation of Music and Poetry 190
The Co-Inherence 197
The Greek Self 201
Calm Even in the Catastrophe 209
John Betjeman's Poetic Universe 216
The Private Life of a Public Man 221
Miss Marianne Moore, Bless Her! 226
The Fallen City: Some Reflections on Shakespeare's Henry IV 230
Foreword: Brand versus Peer 230

Foreword to Times Three, by Phyllis McGinley 241
The Magician from Mississippi 247
A Children's Anthology 251
Apologies to the Iroquois 252
An Unclassical Classic 259
The Queen Is Never Bored 266
Foreword to Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait 281
Statement by W. H. Auden on Cultural Freedom 282
Greatness Finding Itself 283
K 289

Introduction to The Complete Poems of Cavafy 290
Two Ways of Poetry 298
The Problem of Nowness 303
Three Memoranda on the New Arden Shakespeare: From W. H. Auden 307
A Public Art 309
Il Faut Payer 312
The Poet as Professor 317
Two Cultural Monuments 320

Introduction to Italian Journey, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 324
The Case Is Curious 333
Ronald Firbank and an Amateur World 335
A Poet of Honor 342
The Alienated City: Reflections on Othello 347
A Marriage of True Minds 348
Dag Hammarskjöld 354
The Untruth about Beethoven 356
The Quest Hero 360
A Universal Eccentric 374
The Conscience of an Artist 378
Books of the Year . . . from W. H. Auden 382
The Chemical Life 382
Anger 385

Foreword to The Viking Book of Aphorisms 390
A Marianne Moore Reader 392
The Poet and the City 395
Introduction to A Choice of de la Mare's Verse 396
Today's Poet 404
A Disturbing Novelist 405
"The Geste Says this and the Man Who Was on the Field . . ." 408
The Justice of Dame Kind 412
Today's "Wonder-World" Needs Alice 414
Strachey's Cry 422
Are the English Europeans? 428
Do You Know Too Much? 436
Mirror: A Set of Notes 441
England & Europe 441

The Dyer's Hand 447
I Creweian Orations 829
II Auden as Anthologist and Editor 848
III Public Lectures 858
IV Auden on the Air 873
V Endorsements and Citations 892
VI Public Letters Signed by Auden and Others 896
VII Translations 898
VIII Lost and Unwritten Work 900
Essays and Reviews, 1956-1962 903
The Dyer's Hand 945
Index of Titles and Books Reviewed 979

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