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The Global Remapping of American Literature
Paul Giles

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations vii
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction: The Deterritorialization of American Literature 1

Part One: Temporal Latitudes
Chapter 1: Augustan American Literature: An Aesthetics of Extravagance 29
Restoration Legacies: Cook and Byrd 29
The Plantation Epic: Magnalia Christi Americana 42
New World Topographies: Wheatley, Dwight, Alsop 55
Chapter 2: Medieval American Literature: Antebellum Narrativesand the "Map of the Infinite" 70
Emerson, Longfellow, and the Longue Durée 70
"Medieval" Mound Builders and the Archaeological Imagination 86
Hawthorne, Melville, and the Question of Genealogy 97

Part Two: The Boundaries of the Nation
Chapter 3: The Arcs of Modernism: Geography as Allegory 111
Postbellum Cartographies: William Dean Howells 111
Ethnic Palimpsests, National Standards 120
"Description without Place": Stevens, Stein, and Modernist Geographies 125
Chapter 4: Suburb, Network, Homeland: National Spaceand the Rhetoric of Broadcasting 141
"Voice of America": Roth, Morrison, DeLillo 141
Lost in Space: John Updike 154
The MTV Generation: Wallace and Eggers 161

Part Three: Spatial Longitudes
Chapter 5: Hemispheric Parallax: South Americaand the American South 183
Rotating Perspectives: Bartram, Simms, Martí 183
Regionalism and Pseudo-geography: Hurston and Bishop 199
Mississippi Vulgate: Faulkner and Barthelme 212
Chapter 6: Metaregionalism: The Global Pacific Northwest 223
Reversible Coordinates: The Epistemology of Space 223
Orient and Orientation: Snyder, Le Guin, Brautigan 232
Virtual Canadas: Gibson and Coupland 242
Conclusion: American Literature and theQuestion of Circumference 255

Works Cited 269
Index 305

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File created: 4/21/2017

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