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Religion and Democracy in the United States:
Danger or Opportunity?
Edited by Alan Wolfe & Ira Katznelson

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Contributors vii
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction by Rosa DeLauro 1

Part I: Religious Pluralism and American Democracy
Chapter 1: Political Science, Democracy, and Religion by Alan Wolfe 19
Chapter 2: Religious Diversity and American Democracy: A View from the Polls by John C. Green 46
Chapter 3: Muslim Americans: Enriching or Depleting American Democracy? by Amaney Jamal 89
Chapter 4: The Constitutions of Religious Pluralism in the United States by Bette Novit Evans 114

Part II: Religion and Democratic Values
Chapter 5: The Political Consequences of Religiosity: Does Religion Always Cause Political Intolerance? by James L. Gibson 147
Chapter 6: The Christian Right and Civic Virtue byClyde Wilcox 176
Chapter 7: Religion and Party Activists: A "Perfect Storm" of Polarization or a Recipe for Pragmatism? by Geoffrey C. Layman 212

Part III: Political Diversity and American Religion
Chapter 8: Entering the Promised Land? The Rise of Prosperity Gospel and Post-Civil Rights Black Politics by Fredrick C. Harris 255
Chapter 9: This Far by Faith? Religion, Gender, and Efficacy by Allison Calhoun-Brown 279
Chapter 10: Religion and the Political and Civic Lives of Latinos by David L. Leal 308

Part IV: Religion and Cultural Conflict
Chapter 11: Mobilizing Religious Differences in American Politics by Kenneth D. Wald and David C. Leege 355
Chapter 12: Faith in America: Political Theory's Logic of Autonomy and Logic of Congruence by Nancy L. Rosenblum 382
Conclusion: Reflections on Religion, Democracy, and the Politics of Good and Evil by Ira Katznelson 411
Index 431

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File created: 4/21/2017

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