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The Propriety of Liberty:
Persons, Passions, and Judgement in Modern Political Thought
Duncan Kelly

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgements ix
Abbreviations xiii

Introduction: The Propriety of Liberty 1
The Self at Liberty 6
Liberty and Political Theory 9
Structure 12

Chapter One: "That glorious fabrick of liberty": John Locke, the Propriety of Liberty and the Quality of Responsible Agency 20
Propriety, Prudence and Interpretation 21
John Locke and Pierre Nicole: Language, Prudence and
the Propriety of the Passions 24
Liberty and the Will 41
Persons, Passions and Judgement 46
Liberty and Personal Identity 53

Chapter Two: Passionate Liberty and Commercial Selfhood: Montesquieu's Political Theory of Moderation 59
Justice 61
Lessons in Classics: Politics, Friendship and Despotism 68
The Passions of the Soul and the Actions of the Machine 82
Moderation and Soulcraft: The Action of Passionate
Selfhood 88
Legislative Passions and Civil Religion 94
Commercial Society and Political Liberty 105

Chapter Three:"The True Propriety of Language": Persuasive Mediocrity, Imaginative Delusion and Adam Smith's Political Theory 117
Persuasive Agency 119
Sympathy and Propriety 128
A Passion for Justice: Smith's Political Theory 141
The Origins of Government and the Paradoxes
of Political Liberty 159
Conclusions 167

Chapter Four: Taking Things as They Are: John Stuart Mill on the Judgement of Character and the Cultivation of Civilization 173
Liberty by Example 175
Greek Legacies 186
Civilization, Civility, Cooperation 194
Excursus: Republicanism, Radicalism and Representation 204
The Politics of Civilization 210
Propriety in Time 218

Chapter Five: Idealism and the Historical Judgement of Freedom: T. H. Green and the Legacy of the English Revolution 223
Character and Action 226
Reformation and Revolution 234
Enthusiasm and Reform 241
Real Freedom 244
Political Theology 249
The Revolutionary Inheritance 255

Chapter Six: Coda: Liberty as Propriety 259
Problems of Self-Ownership 261
Responsible Agency 269
State Propriety 273

Bibliography 277
Index 341

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File created: 4/21/2017

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