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In Search of the Causes of Evolution:
From Field Observations to Mechanisms
Edited by Peter R. Grant & B. Rosemary Grant

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List of Contributors ix
Preface xi

Introduction to Section I: The Origins of Biological Diversity 1
Chapter One: The Big Picture: A Tripartite View of Life and Environments through Time by Andrew H. Knoll and David T. Johnston 5
Chapter Two: Macroevolutionary Trends in Time and Space by David Jablonski 25
Chapter Three: Dinosaurs Live! 4 by Philip J. Currie 4
Chapter Four: Phylogeography and Phylogenetics in the Nuclear Age by Christopher N. Balakrishnan, June Y. Lee, and Scott V. Edwards 65

Introduction to Section II: Mechanisms, Molecules, and Evo-Devo 89
Chapter Five: The Flexibility of Butterfly Wing Color Patterns and Evolution in Morphospace by Paul M. Brakefield and Mathieu Joron 93
Chapter Six: Genetics, Geology, and Miracles by David Kingsley 115
Chapter Seven: Evolutionary Genetics of Pigmentation Loss in the Blind Mexican Cavefish by Joshua B. Gross and Clifford J. Tabin 131
Chapter Eight: A Developmental View of Exaggerated Growth and Conditional Expression in the Weapons of Sexual Selection by Douglas J. Emlen 149

Introduction to Section III: Morphology and Behavior 173
Chapter Nine: How Does Morphology Affect Performance in Variable Environments? By Mimi A. R. Koehl 177
Chapter Ten: In Search of the Elusive Behavior Gene by Hopi E. Hoekstra 192
Chapter Eleven: There Must Be Finches--Charles Darwin, Prickly Pears, and Pollination Biology by May R. Berenbaum 211
Chapter Twelve: The Adaptive Radiation of Coevolving Prodoxid Moths and Their Host Plants: Greya Moths and Yucca Moths by John N. Thompson 228

Introduction to Section IV: Ecological Diversity 247
Chapter Thirteen: Ecological and Geographical Influences on the Allopatric Phase of Island Speciation by Trevor Price, Albert B. Phillimore, Myra Awodey, and Richard Hudson 251
Chapter Fourteen: Geographical Mode and Evolutionary Mechanism of Ecological
Speciation in Cichlid Fish by Ole Seehausen and Isabel Santos Magalhaes 282
Chapter Fifteen: A Tale of Two Radiations: Similarities and Differences in the Evolutionary Diversification of Darwin's Finches and Greater Antillean Anolis Lizards by Jonathan B. Losos 309
Chapter Sixteen: Clarifying the Mechanisms of Evolution in Sticklebacks Using Field Studies of Natural Selection on Genes by Rowan D. H. Barrett and Dolph Schluter 332
Chapter Seventeen: The Book and the Future: Perspective and Prospective by Peter R. Grant and B. Rosemary Grant 347
Chapter Eighteen: A Festival for Rosemary and Peter Grant by David B. Wake 360

Index 367

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File created: 9/20/2017

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