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Lessons Learned:
Reflections of a University President
William G. Bowen

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


CHAPTER ONE: Preamble and Context 1
CHAPTER TWO: Governing 7
The Trustees and the Resident Campus Community 8
Consultation and Decision-making on Campus 16
The ROTC Debate as an Illustrative Case of Shared Governance 21

CHAPTER THREE: Administering 24
Building an Effective Administrative Team 24
Structuring Interactions 30
Compensation--for Administrators and for the President 32

CHAPTER FOUR: The University in Society: "At a Slight Angle to the Universe" 35
Basic Principles 35
The Proposed Boycott of J. P. Stevens 42
Divestment and South Africa 44
Freedom to Speak--and to Hear 46
Handling Dissent and Invoking Discipline 53

CHAPTER FIVE: Setting Academic Priorities: Annual Budgeting 59
Process 59
Principles 61

CHAPTER SIX: Setting Academic Priorities: Strategic Decisions 66
Coeducation 67
Investing in the Life Sciences 73
Graduate Education and Professional Schools 76
Strategic Decision-making in General 81

CHAPTER SEVEN: Building the Faculty 84
Recruiting and Retaining Faculty 84
Reviewing Tenure Recommendations and Salary Proposals 91
Faculty Diversity 95

CHAPTER EIGHT: Undergraduates: Admissions, Financial Aid, and Inclusiveness 98
Diversity and Financial Aid 99
Affi rmative Action and Race 101
Socioeconomic Status 106
Athletic Recruitment 109
Religious Divides: Jewish Students 112
Residential Life 115

CHAPTER NINE: Fund-Raising and Alumni Relations 119
Knowing Your Needs--and Your Donors 120
The Robertson Foundation Saga 124
Alumni Relations in General 127
Contending with Hostile Groups 129

CHAPTER TEN: Life in a President's Offi ce--and When to Leave 133
Partners, Colleagues, and Friends 133
Deciding What Not to Do as Well as What to Do 136
On Leaving 140
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Epilogue: Why Colleges and Universities Matter So Much 144

Acknowledgments 149
References 155
Index 161

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File created: 11/11/2014

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