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Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power
Yan Xuetong
Edited by Daniel A. Bell & Sun Zhe
Translated by Edmund Ryden
With a new preface by the author

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments vii
A Note on the Translation ix
Introduction by Daniel A. Bell 1

PART I: Ancient Chinese Thought, Modern Chinese Power
Chapter 1: A Comparative Study of Pre-Qin Interstate Political Philosophy byYan Xuetong 21
Chapter 2: Xunzi's Interstate Political Philosophy and Its Message for Today by Yan Xuetong 70
Chapter 3: Hegemony in The Stratagems of the Warring States by Yan Xuetong and Huang Yuxing 107

PART II: Comments
Chapter 4: An Examination of the Research Theory of Pre-Qin Interstate Political Philosophy byYang Qianru 147
Chapter 5: The Two Poles of Confucianism: A Comparison of the Interstate Political Philosophies of Mencius and Xunzi by Xu Jin 161
Chapter 6: Political Hegemony in Ancient China: A Review of "Hegemony in The Stratagems of the Warring States" by Wang Rihua 181

PART III: Response to the Commentators
Chapter 7: Pre-Qin Philosophy and China's Rise Today by Yan Xuetong 199
Appendix 1: The Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods
and the Pre-Qin Masters by Xu Jin 223
Appendix 2: Yan Xuetong: A Realist Scholar Clinging to Scientific Prediction by Lu Xin 229
Appendix 3: Why Is There No Chinese School of International Relations Theory? By Yan Xuetong 252

Notes 261
Select Bibliography 283
Contributors 291
Index 293

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File created: 4/21/2017

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