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Politics and Strategy:
Partisan Ambition and American Statecraft
Peter Trubowitz

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List of Tables and Figures xi
Preface and Acknowledgments xiii

Chapter One: Introduction 1
Statesmen, Partisans, and Geopolitics The Two Faces of Grand Strategy 2
Statesmen as Strategic Politicians 4
Grand Strategy Past and Present 7

Chapter Two: Grand Strategy's Microfoundations 9
Variations in Grand Strategy 9
A Model of Executive Choice 16
Determinants of Grand Strategy 31
Research Design and Outline 37

Chapter Three: Why States Appease Their Foes 44
The Appeasement Puzzle 44
George Washington and the Appeasement of Britain 46
Abraham Lincoln, Britain, and the Confederacy 55
Franklin Roosevelt, Hitler, and Appeasement, 1936-1939 64
Appeasement Reconsidered 74

Chapter Four: When States Expand 77
Theories of Expansionism 77
James Monroe, Republican Factionalism, and the Monroe Doctrine 79
William McKinley, Cuba, and the Threat of Domestic Populism 90
George W. Bush, September 11, and the Promise of Party Realignment 97
Expansionism: Necessity or Choice? 104

Chapter Five: Why States Underreach 106
Strategies of Restraint 107
Jacksonian Fissures and Martin Van Buren's Strategic Adjustment 108
Herbert Hoover, Republican Sectarianism, and Strategic Retrenchment 114
Bill Clinton, the Democrats, and Selective Engagement 120
The Paradox of Strategic "Underextension" 127

Chapter Six: Conclusion 129
Statecraft's Twin Engines American Balancing in Historical Perspective 130
Geopolitics and Partisan Politics: Managing Cross-Pressure 132
Secondary Powers and Nondemocracies 139
Barack Obama and Grand Strategy 145

References 151
Index 177

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File created: 4/21/2017

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