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Making Volunteers:
Civic Life after Welfare's End
Nina Eliasoph

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Acknowledgments vii
Introduction: Empower Yourself ix
Chapter 1: How to Learn Something in an Empowerment Project 1

Part One: Cultivating Open Civic Equality
Chapter 2: Participating under Unequal Auspices 17
Chapter 3: "The Spirit that Moves Inside You": Puzzles of Using Volunteering to Cure the Volunteer's Problems 48
Chapter 4: Temporal Leapfrog: Puzzles of Timing 55
Chapter 5: Democracy Minus Disagreement, Civic Skills Minus Politics, Blank "Reflections" 87

Part Two: Cultivating Intimate Comfort and Safety
Chapter 6: Harmless and Destructive Plug-in Volunteers 117
Chapter 7: Paid Organizers Creating Temporally Finite, Intimate, Family-like Attachments 146
Chapter 8:: Publicly Questioning Need: Food, Safety, and Comfort 152
Chapter 9:: Drawing on Shared Experience in a Divided Society: Getting People Out of Their "Clumps" 165

Part Three: Celebrating Our Diverse, Multicultural Community
Chapter 10: "Getting Out of Your Box" versus "Preserving a Culture": Two Opposed Ways of "Appreciating Cultural Diversity" 183
Chapter 11: Tell Us about Your Culture: What Participants Count as "Culture" 190
Chapter 12: Celebrating . . . Empowerment Projects! 206

Conclusion: Finding Patterns in the "Open and Undefined" Organization 231
Appendix 1: On Justification 259
Appendix 2: Methods of Taking Field Notes and Making Them Tell a Story 261
Notes 265
References 281
Index 303

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File created: 4/21/2017

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