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States of Credit:
Size, Power, and the Development of European Polities
David Stasavage

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xi

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction 1
Representation, Scale, and Control 6
The Evolution and Importance of Public Credit 9
Representative Assemblies in City-States and Territorial States 11
Geographic Scale and Merchant Power 14
Broad Sample Evidence 16
Origins of City-States 18
Case Study Evidence 20
Plan of the Book 24

CHAPTER TWO: The Evolution and Importance of Public Credit 25
Why Credit Was Important 25
When Did States First Borrow Long-Term? 29
The Cost of Borrowing 38
Economic Explanations for the City-State Advantage 43
Summary 46

CHAPTER THREE: Representative Assemblies in Europe, 1250-1750 47
Origins of Representative Assemblies 48
Prerogatives of Representative Assemblies 54
Who Was Represented? 61
The Intensity of Representation 65
Summary 68

CHAPTER FOUR: Assessing the City-State Advantage 70
Representation and Credit as an Equilibrium 72
Representative Institutions and the Creation of a Public Debt 77
Representative Institutions and the Cost of Borrowing 84
Variation within City-States 90
Summary 93

CHAPTER FIVE: Origins of City-States 94
The Rokkan/Tilly Hypothesis 95
The Carolingian Partition Hypothesis 95
Empirical Evidence 100
Reassessing the City-State Advantage 106
Summary 107

CHAPTER SIX: Three City-State Experiences 110
Merchant Oligarchy in Cologne 111
Genoa and the Casa di San Giorgio 117
Siena under the Rule of the Nine 125
Summary 131

CHAPTER SEVEN: Three Territorial State Experiences 132
France and the Rentes sur l'Hôtel de Ville 132
Revisiting Absolutism in Castile 142
Accounting for Holland's Financial Revolution 150
Summary 154

CHAPTER EIGHT: Implications for State Formation and Development 156
The Debate on War and State Formation 156
Information, Commitment, and Democracy 158
Understanding Early Modern Growth 161

Bibliography 167
Index 187

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File created: 4/21/2017

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