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Pollination and Floral Ecology
Pat Willmer

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface vii
Acknowledgments ix

Part I: Essentials of Flower Design and Function
Chapter 1 Why Pollination Is Interesting 3
Chapter 2 Floral Design and Function 11
Chapter 3 Pollination, Mating, and Reproduction in Plants 55
Chapter 4 Evolution of Flowers, Pollination, and Plant Diversity 88

Part II Floral Advertisements and Floral Rewards
Chapter 5 Advertisements 1: Visual Signals and Floral Color 105
Chapter 6 Advertisements 2: Olfactory Signals 134
Chapter 7 Rewards 1: The Biology of Pollen 154
Chapter 8 Rewards 2: The Biology of Nectar 190
Chapter 9 Other Floral Rewards 221
Chapter 10 Rewards and Costs: The Environmental Economics of Pollination 234

Part III Pollination Syndromes?
Chapter 11 Types of Flower Visitors: Syndromes, Constancy, and Effectiveness 261
Chapter 12 Generalist Flowers and Generalist Visitors 288
Chapter 13 Pollination by Flies 304
Chapter 14 Pollination by Butterflies and Moths 322
Chapter 15 Pollination by Birds 337
Chapter 16 Pollination by Bats 356
Chapter 17 Pollination by Nonflying Vertebrates and Other Oddities 370
Chapter 18 Pollination by Bees 378
Chapter 19 Wind and Water: Abiotic Pollination 418
Chapter 20 Syndromes and Webs: Specialists and Generalists 434

Part IV Floral Ecology
Chapter 21 The Timing and Patterning of Flowering 483
Chapter 22 Living with Other Flowers: Competition and Pollination Ecology 503
Chapter 23 Cheating by Flowers: Cheating the Visitors and Cheating Other Flowers 524
Chapter 24 Flower Visitors as Cheats and the Plants' Responses 542
Chapter 25 The Interactions of Pollination and Herbivory 554
Chapter 26 Pollination Using Florivores: From Brood Site Mutualism to Active Pollination 565
Chapter 27 Pollination in Different Habitats 575
Chapter 28 The Pollination of Crops 605
Chapter 29 The Global Pollination Crisis 620

Appendix 639
Glossary 643
References 663
Subject Index 751
Index of Animal Genera 768
Index of Plant Genera 771

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File created: 4/21/2017

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