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Red State Religion:
Faith and Politics in America's Heartland
Robert Wuthnow

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


List of Illustrations vii
Preface ix
Prologue 1
Murder at the Glenwood 10

Chapter 1:. Piety on the Plains 17
Abraham Lincoln in Kansas 18
Establishing a Civic Order 29
Public Religion 35
Serving the Community 42
Church Expansion 47
Cooperation and Competition 57

Chapter 2:. An Evolving Political Style 67
Prairie Politics 72
Populism and Religious Politics 79
Protesting against Inequality 90
A Divided Party 95
Law and Order 101
For the Children 104

Chapter 3:. Redefining the Heartland 110
Harvest of Progress 112
Consolidation and Expansion 117
Forward-looking Initiatives 124
Church and State 130
Hunkering Down 134
Fundamentalism and the Great Depression 142
Simian Peasants 152
Novel Movements 162

Chapter 4:. Quiet Conservatism 169
Grassroots Resentments 171
The Senator from Pendergast 183
Hometown Religion 187
I Like Ike 200
A Well-Qualified Catholic 208

Chapter 5:. An Era of Restructuring 215
Stirrings on the Right 217
From Desegregation to Black Power 229
Nixon at Kansas State 241
Division in the Churches 252

Chapter 6:. The Religious Right 267
Mobilization on the Right 269
Government Is the Problem 279
The War in Wichita 287
Shifting the Focus 294
Questioning Evolution 303

Chapter 7:. Continuing the Struggle 312
The Churches and Activist Networks 314
Electing George W. Bush 321
Regulating Abortion 326
The Campaign against Gay Marriage 330
Evolution Revisited 338
The Death of Dr. Tiller 347
Swatches of Purple 354
Epilogue 361

Notes 371
Selected Bibliography 445
Index 465

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File created: 4/21/2017

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