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Yoga in Practice
Edited by David Gordon White

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Contents by Tradition vii
Contents by Country ix
Contributors xi

Introduction by David Gordon White 1
Note for Instructors by David Gordon White 24

Foundational Yoga Texts 29
Chapter 1. The Path to Liberation through Yogic Mindfulness in Early Apyurveda by Dominik Wujastyk 31
Chapter 2. A Prescription for Yoga and Power in the Mahabharata by James L. Fitzgerald 43
Chapter 3. Yoga Practices in the Bhagavadgita by Angelika Malinar 58
Chapter 4. Ptañjala Yoga in Practice by Gerald James Larson 73
Chapter 5. Yoga in the Yoga Upanisads: Disciplines of the Mystical OM Sound by Jeffrey Clark Ruff 97
Chapter 6. The Sevenfold Yoga of the Yogavasistha by Christopher Key Chapple 117
Chapter 7. A Fourteenth-Century Persian Account of Breath Control and Meditation by Carl W. Ernst 133

Yoga in Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu Tantric Traditions 141
Chapter 8. A Digambara Jain Description of the Yogic Path to Deliverance by Paul Dundas 143
Chapter 9. Saraha's Queen Dohas by Roger R. Jackson 162
Chapter 10. The Questions and Answers of Vajrasattva by Jacob P. Dalton 185
Chapter 11. The Six-Phased Yoga of the Abbreviated Wheel of Time Tantra (Laghuklacakratantra) according to Vajrapni by Vesna A. Wallace 204
Chapter 12. Eroticism and Cosmic Transformation as Yoga: The Atmatattva of the Vaisnava Sahajiyas of Bengal by Glen Alexander Hayes 223
Chapter 13. The Transport of the Hamsas: A Sakta Rasalila as Rajayoga in Eighteenth-Century Benares by Somadeva Vasudeva 242

Yoga of the Nath Yogis 255
Chapter 14. The Original Goraksasataka by James Mallinson 257
Chapter 15. Nath Yogis, Akbar, and the "Balnath Tilla" by William R. Pinch 273
Chapter 16. Yogic Language in Village Performance: Hymns of the Householder Naths by Ann Grodzins Gold and Daniel Gold 289
Yoga in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Periods 307
Chapter 17. The Yoga System of the Josman?s by Sthaneshwar Timalsina 309
Chapter 18. Songs to the Highest God (Isvara) of Samkhya-Yoga by Knut A. Jacobsen 325
Chapter 19. Yoga Makaranda of T. Krishnamacharya by Mark Singleton, M.Narasimhan, and M. A. Jayashree 337
Chapter 20. Theos Bernard and the Early Days of Tantric Yoga in America by Paul G. Hackett 353
Chapter 21. Universalist and Missionary Jainism: Jain Yoga of the Terapanthi Tradition by Olle Qvarnstrom and Jason Birch 365
Glossary of Foreign Terms 383
Index 389

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File created: 4/21/2017

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