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No Man's Land:
Jamaican Guestworkers in America and the Global History of Deportable Labor
Cindy Hahamovitch

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments ix
Abbreviations xi
Introduction 1

Chapter One: Guestworkers of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Passport, Your Visa, Your Immigration Status 12
Chapter Two: Everything but a Gun to Their Heads: The Politics of Labor Scarcity and the Birth of World War II Guestworker Programs 22
Chapter Three:"Stir It Up": Jamaican Guestworkers in the Promised Land 50
Chapter Four: John Bull Meets Jim Crow: Jamaican Guestworkers in the Wartime South 67
Chapter Five: The Race to the Bottom: Making Wartime Temporary Worker Programs Permanent and Private 86
Chapter Six: A Riotous Success: Guestworkers, "Illegal Immigrants," and the Promise of Managed Migration 110
Chapter Seven: The Worst Job in the World: The Cuban Revolution, the War on Poverty, and the Secret Rebellion in Florida’s Cane Fields 135
Chapter Eight: Takin’ It to the Courts: Legal Services, the UFW, and the Battle for the Worst Jobs in the World 172
Chapter Nine: "For All Those Bending Years": IRCA, the Dog War, and the Campaign for Legal Status 202
Chapter Ten: All the World’s a Workplace: Guestworkers at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century 227

Conclusion 236
Notes 245
Bibliography 295
Index 323

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File created: 11/11/2014

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