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The Selected Letters of Nikos Kazantzakis
Nikos Kazantzakis
Edited and translated by Peter Bien

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Introduction ix
His Importance ix
A Maniacal Epistolographer x
Completeness xi
Annotations xi
Transliteration xi
Acknowledgments xii
Chronology xvii

The Letters

ChapterI: At Law School in Athens
1902Letters 1
1903Letters 10
1904Letters 18
1905Letters 24
1906Letters 30
1907Letters 34

ChapterII: Pursuing Graduate Studies in Paris
1907Letters, continued 37
1908Letters 38

ChapterIII: Politically Active in Greece
1909Letters 46
1911Letters 48
1912Letters 50
1913Letters 55
1914Letters 56
1915Letters 61
1917Letters 66
1918Letters 72
1919Letters 78
1920Letters 82

ChapterIV: Fleeing Greece; Resident in Austria, Germany, Italy
1922Letters 84
1923Letters 141
1924Letters 191

ChapterV: • Meets Eleni Samiou; Begins Odyssey; Divorces Galatea; Travels to Soviet Union
1924Letters, continued 206
1925Letters 215
1926Letters 231
1927Letters 245

ChapterVI: Resident Almost Eighteen Months in the Soviet Union
1927Letters, continued 272
1928Letters 291
1929Letters 323

ChapterVII: Trying to Make a Career Outside of Greece, Especially in Spain
1929Letters, continued 349
1930Letters 368
1931Letters 385
1932Letters 409
1933Letters 439

ChapterVIII: Back in Greece, Having Failed Elsewhere; Traveling in Far East; Odyssey Completed and Published; Visit to England
1933Letters, continued 460
1934Letters 476
1935Letters 480
1936Letters 495
1937Letters 501
1938Letters 510
1939Letters 516
1940Letters 529

ChapterIX: Confined to Aegina during the German
Occupation; Writes Zorba and Many Plays;
Begins to Translate Homer's Iliad
1941Letters 537
1942Letters 545
1943Letters 559
1944Letters 590

ChapterX: In Athens during Round Two of the Civil War; Resolves to Help Liberated Greece via Political Action; Briefly a Cabinet Minister; Marries Eleni Samiou
1944Letters, continued 600
1945Letters 600
1946Letters 609

ChapterXI : Final Exile: Resides Briefly in England, Then in France; Writes Final Novels and Plays; Travels to China
1946Letters, continued 615
1947Letters 632
1948Letters 657
1949Letters 676
1950Letters 689
1951Letters 709
1952Letters 727
1953Letters 742
1954Letters 747
1955Letters 772
1956Letters 808
1957Letters 833

References Cited 853
Index 859

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File created: 4/21/2017

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