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Improving Public Opinion Surveys:
Interdisciplinary Innovation and the American National Election Studies
Edited by John H. Aldrich & Kathleen M. McGraw

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Part 1 The American National Election Studies: The "Gold Standard" for Survey Research
1. John H. Aldrich and Kathleen M. McGraw: Introduction to the Volume 3

2. Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia: The American National Election Studies and the Importance of New Ideas 9

Part 2 Individual Predispositions
Introduction to Part 2 25
3. Adam J. Berinsky and Howard Lavine: Self-Monitoring and Political Attitudes 27
4. Julia Albarracín, Wei Wang, and Dolores Albarracín:
Do Confident People Behave Differently? The Role of Defensive Confidence in Partisan Defection, Attention to Politics, and Political Participation 46
5. Shalom H. Schwartz: Basic Personal Values and Political Orientations 63
6. Steven Hitlin and Katherine W. O. Kramer: Value Constellations and American Political Life 83
7. Eric M. Uslaner: Generalized Trust Questions 101

Part 3 Political Orientations and the Media
Introduction to Part 3 115
8. Joseph Gershtenson and Dennis L. Plane: An Alternative
Measure of Political Trust: Reconciling Theory and Practice 117
9. Danielle Shani: Measuring Political Interest 137
10. Scott L. Althaus and David H. Tewksbury: Do We Still Need Media Use Measures at All? 158
11. Stephen Ansolabehere, Marc Meredith, and Erik Snowberg: Sociotropic Voting and the Media 175

Part 4 Perceptions of Political Institutions and Groups
Introduction to Part 4 193
12. Eric A. Whitaker and John M. Fulwider: Perceptions of Similarity and Agreement in Partisan Groups 195
13. Charles M. Judd, Leaf Van Boven, Michaela Huber, and Ana P. Nunes: Measuring Everyday Perceptions of the Distribution of the American Electorate 220
14. Michael D. Martinez, Jason Gainous, and Stephen C. Craig: Measuring Ambivalence about Government 238
15. Kira Sanbonmatsu and Kathleen Dolan: Gender Stereotypes and Gender Preferences in American Politics 260
16. Stephen T. Mockabee, Kenneth D. Wald, and David C. Leege: In Search of a Religious Left: Reexamining Religiosity 278

Part 5 Political Issues
Introduction to Part 5 301
17. L.J Zigerell and Heather Marie Rice: Intense Ambivalence: The New 2006 and 2008 ANES Abortion Attitude Measures 303
18. Ross L. Matsueda, Kevin Drakulich, John Hagan, Lauren K. Krivo, and Ruth D. Peterson: Crime, Perceived Criminal Injustice, and Electoral Politics 323
19. Ruben Durante and Louis Putterman: Attitudes toward the Progressivity of Taxes, Corporate Tax, and the Estate Tax 342

Part 6 Concluding Thoughts and Future Directions
20. Jon A. Krosnick and Arthur Lupia: How the ANES Used Online Commons Proposals and Pilot Study Reports to Develop Its
2008 Questionnaires 363
21. John H. Aldrich and Kathleen M. McGraw: Concluding Thoughts 380
List of Contributors 387

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File created: 11/11/2014

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