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Facing the Challenge of Democracy:
Explorations in the Analysis of Public Opinion and Political Participation
Edited by Paul M. Sniderman & Benjamin Highton

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Preface ix
Acknowledgments xi
List of Contributors xiii

Introduction: Facing the Challenge of Democracy by Paul M. Sniderman and Benjamin Highton 1

Part I: The Political Logic of Preference Consistency
Chapter I. How Do Political Scientists Know What Citizens Want? An Essay on Theory and Measurement by Arthur Lupia 23
Chapter II. Purposive Mass Belief Systems concerning Foreign Policy Benjamin I. Page and Tao Xie 47
Chapter III. Cosmopolitanism by Simon Jackman and Lynn Vavreck 70
Chapter IV. Running to the Right: Effects of Campaign Strategy on Mass Opinion and Behavior by Diana Mutz and Susanna Dilliplane 97
Chapter V. Pathways to Conservative Identification: The Politics of Ideological Contradiction in the United States by Christopher Ellis and James A. Stimson 120

Part II: Polarization and the Party System
Chapter VI. Partisan Differences in Job Approval Ratings of George W. Bush and U.S. Senators in the States: An Exploration by Gary C. Jacobson 153
Chapter VII. Political Participation, Polarization, and Public Opinion: Activism and the Merging of Partisan and Ideological Polarization by John H. Aldrich and Melanie Freeze 185
Chapter VIII. Political Parties in the Capital Economy of Modern Campaigns by Jonathan Krasno 207
Chapter IX. Candidates and Parties in Congressional Elections: Revisiting Candidate-Centered Conclusions in a Partisan Era by Eric McGhee and Kathryn Pearson 224
Chapter X. The Myth of the Independent Voter Revisited by David B. Magleby, Candice J. Nelson, and Mark C. Westlye 238

Part III: Participation and Representation
Chapter XI. Who Really Votes? By Stephen Ansolabehere and Eitan Hersh 267
Chapter XII. Who Governs if Everyone Votes? By John Sides, Eric Schickler, and Jack Citrin 292
Chapter XIII. T he Effects of Registration Laws on Voter Turnout: An Updated Assessment by Matthew R. Knee and Donald P. Green 312
Chapter XIV. I ssue Preferences, Civic Engagement, and the Transformation of American Politics by Edward G. Carmines, Michael J. Ensley, and Michael W. Wagner 329

References 355
Index 379

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File created: 4/21/2017

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