The Universe in Zero Words:
The Story of Mathematics as Told through Equations
Dana Mackenzie

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Preface 6
Introduction: The Abacist versus the Algorist 10
Part One: Equations of Antiquity 16
1. Why we believe in arithmetic: the world's simplest equation 20
2. Resisting a new concept: the discovery of zero 26
3. The square of the hypotenuse: the Pythagorean theorem 30
4. The circle game: the discovery of π 40
5. From Zeno's paradoxes to the idea of infinity 46
6. A matter of leverage: laws of levers 52
Part Two: Equations in the age of exploration 56
7. The stammerer's secret: Cardano's formula 60
8. Order in the heavens: Kepler's laws of planetary motion 68
9. Writing for eternity: Fermat's Last Theorem 74
10. An unexplored continent: the fundamental theorem of calculus 80
11. Of apples, legends . . . and comets: Newton's laws 90
12. The great explorer: Euler's theorems 96
Part Three: Equations in a promethean age 104
13. The new algebra: Hamilton and quaternions 108
14. Two shooting stars: group theory 114
15. The geometry of whales and ants: non-Euclidean geometry 122
16. In primes we trust: the prime number theorem 128
17. The idea of spectra: Fourier series 134
18. A god's-eye view of light: Maxwell's equations 142
Part Four: Equations in our own time 150
19. The photoelectric effect: quanta and relativity 154
20. From a bad cigar to Westminster Abbey: Dirac's formula 164
21. The empire-builder: the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet equation 174
22. A little bit infinite: the Continuum Hypothesis 182
23. Theories of chaos: Lorenz equations 194
24. Taming the tiger: the Black-Scholes equation 204
Conclusion: What of the future? 214
Acknowledgments 218
Bibliography 219
Index 222

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File created: 4/27/2015

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