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Governing America:
The Revival of Political History
Julian E. Zelizer

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments ix
Governing America: An Introduction 1

Part I: Thinking about the Field 9
One: Beyond the Presidential Synthesis: Reordering Political Time 11
Two: Clio’s Lost Tribe: Public Policy History Since 1978 41
Three: History and Political Science: Together Again? 60
Four: Rethinking the History of American Conservatism 68
Five: What Political Science Can Learn from the New Political History 90

Part II: Paying for Government: Taxes, Money, and Fiscal Restraint 105
Six: The Uneasy Relationship: Democracy, Taxation, and State-Building Since the New Deal 107
Seven: The Forgotten Legacy of the New Deal: Fiscal Conservatism and the Roosevelt Administration, 1933-1938 124
Eight: "Where Is the Money Coming From?" The Reconstruction of Social Security Finance 153
Nine: Paying for Medicare: Benefits, Budgets, and Wilbur Mills’s Policy Legacy 168

Part III: The Rules of the Game: The Politics of Process 193
Ten: Seeds of Cynicism: The Struggle Over Campaign Finance, 1956-1974 195
Eleven: Bridging State and Society: The Origins of 1970s Congressional Reform 221
Twelve: Without Restraint: Scandal and Politics in America 232
Thirteen: Seizing Power: Conservatives and Congress Since the 1970s 259
Fourteen: How Conservatives Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Presidential Power 290

Part IV: Politics and Policy: The Case of National Security 307
Fifteen: Congress and the Politics of Troop Withdrawal, 1966-1973 309
Sixteen: Detente and Domestic Politics 321
Seventeen: Conservatives, Carter, and the Politics of National Security 335

Notes 351
Index 399

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File created: 11/11/2014

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