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The Unheavenly Chorus:
Unequal Political Voice and the Broken Promise of American Democracy
Kay Lehman Schlozman, Sidney Verba & Henry E. Brady

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List of Figures ix
List of Tables xiii
Preface xvii
Acknowledgments xxv
Chapter 1. Introduction: Democracy and Political Voice 1

PART I: Thinking about Inequality and Political Voice
Chapter 2. The (Ambivalent) Tradition of Equality in America 31
Chapter 3. The Context: Growing Economic Inequality and Weakening Unions 69
Chapter 4. Equal Voice and the Dilemmas of Democracy 96

PART II: Inequality of Political Voice and Individual Participation
Chapter 5. Does Unequal Voice Matter? 117
Chapter 6. The Persistence of Unequal Voice 147
Chapter 7. Unequal at the Starting Line: The Intergenerational Persistence of Political Inequality with Nancy Burns 177
Chapter 8. Political Participation over the Life Cycle with Jennifer Erkulwater 199
Chapter 9. Political Activism and Electoral Democracy: Perspectives on Economic Inequality and Political Polarization 232

PART III: Inequality of Political Voice and Organized Interest Activity
Chapter 10. Political Voice through Organized Interests: Introductory Matters 265
Chapter 11. Who Sings in the Heavenly Chorus? Th e Shape of the Organized Interest System with Traci Burch and Philip Edward Jones 312
Chapter 12. The Changing Pressure Community 347
Chapter 13. Beyond Organizational Categories 370
Chapter 14. Political Voice through Organized Interest Activity with Philip Edward Jones and Traci Burch 393

PART IV: Can We Change the Accent of the Unheavenly Chorus?
Chapter 15. Breaking the Pattern through Political Recruitment 447
Chapter 16. Weapon of the Strong? Participatory Inequality and the Internet 483
Chapter 17. What, if Anything, Is to Be Done? with Shauna Shames 534
Chapter 18. Conclusion: Equal Voice and the Promise of American Democracy 574

Appendix A: Equality and the State and U.S. Constitutions 605
Appendix B: The Persistence of Political and Nonpolitical Activity 608
Appendix C: The Intergenerational Transmission of Political Participation 616
Appendix D: Age, Period, and Cohort Effects 619
Appendix E: The Washington Representatives Database 621
Appendix F: Additional Tables 645
Appendix G: Do Online and Offline Political Activists Differ from One Another? 649
Index 655

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File created: 4/21/2017

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