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Irish Nationalists and the Making of the Irish Race
Bruce Nelson

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List of Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xi

Part 1. The Making of the Irish Race
Prologue: Arguing about (the Irish) Race 3
Chapter 1. "The blood of an Irishman": The English Construction of the Irish Race, 1534-1801 17
Chapter 2. Celts, Hottentots, and "white chimpanzees": The Racialization of the Irish in the Nineteenth Century 30

Part 2. Ireland, Slavery, and Abolition
Chapter 3. "Come out of such a land, you Irishmen": Daniel O’Connell, American Slavery, and the Making of the Irish Race 57
Chapter 4. "The Black O’Connell of the United States": Frederick Douglass and Ireland 86

Part 3. Ireland and Empire
Chapter 5. "From the Cabins of Connemara to the Kraals of Kaffirland": Irish Nationalists, the British Empire, and the "Boer Fight for Freedom" 121
Chapter 6. "Because we are white men": Erskine Childers, Jan Christian Smuts, and the Irish Quest for Self-Government, 1899-1922 148

Part 4. Ireland and Revolution
Chapter 7. Negro Sinn Féiners and Black Fenians: "Heroic Ireland" and the Black Nationalist Imagination 181
Chapter 8. "The Irish are for freedom everywhere": Eamon de Valera, the Irish Patriotic Strike, and the"“last white nation . . . deprived of its liberty" 212

Epilogue: The Ordeal of the Irish Republic 242
Notes 259
Index 323

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File created: 11/11/2014

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