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The Jewish Jesus:
How Judaism and Christianity Shaped Each Other
Peter Schäfer

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Introduction [in PDF format]


List of Figures ix
Acknowledgments xi
Abbreviations xiii
Introduction 1

Chapter 1. Different Names of God 21
Offerings 22
Creation 24
R. Simlai's Collection of Dangerous Bible Verses 27
The Bavli Collection 37
R. Simlai and Christianity 42

Chapter 2. The Young and the Old God 55
Chapter 3. God and David 68
Aqiva in the Bavli 70
The David Apocalypse 85
David in Dura Europos 94

Chapter 4. God and Metatron 103
Rav Idith and the Heretics 104
Metatron the Great Scribe 115
The Celestial High Priest 116
The Prince of the World 123
The Instructor of Schoolchildren in Heaven 125
Two Powers in Heaven 127
Akatriel 131
Metatron in Babylonia 138
Metatron and Christianity 141

Chapter 5. Has God a Father, a Son, or a Brother? 150
Chapter 6. The Angels 160
When Were the Angels Created? 160
God's Consultation with the Angels 165
Angels and Revelation 179
Veneration of Angels 188

Chapter 7. Adam 197
Chapter 8. The Birth of the Messiah, or Why Did Baby
Messiah Disappear? 214
The Arab 220
Elijah 222
The Messiah 223
The Mother of the Messiah 227
Christianity 228

Chapter 9. The Suffering Messiah Ephraim 236
Pisqa 34 238
Pisqa 36 242
Pisqa 37 261
Christianity 264

Notes 273
Bibliography 329
Index 343

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File created: 4/21/2017

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