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Free Market Fairness
John Tomasi

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi

Chapter 1: Classical Liberalism 1
Property and Equality 1
Market Society 6
America 11
Hayek 16
Classical Liberalism 22

Chapter 2: High Liberalism 27
Property or Equality 27
The Decline of Economic Liberty 32
Rawls 37
The Libertarian Moment 46
Liberalismus Sapiens Sapiens 51

Chapter 3: Thinking the Unthinkable 57
The Great Fact: Economic Growth 57
Populism, Probability, and Political Philosophy 60
Economic Liberty and Democratic Legitimacy 68
Endings, and Beginnings, Too 84

Chapter 4: Market Democracy 87
The Conceptual Space 87
Breaking Ice 99
Market Democracy as a Research Program 103
Institutions 106
The Challenges to Market Democracy 118

Chapter 5: Social Justicitis 123
The Distributional Adequacy Condition 123
Hit Parade: Property and the Poor 127
Hayek’s Critique 142
Benadryl for Free-Marketeers

Chapter 6: Two Concepts of Fairness 162
Warming up to Market Democracy 162
Applying the Theory 172
The Argument Ipse Dixit 177
Justice as Fairness: Status or Agency? 180

Chapter 7: Feasibility, Normativity, and Institutional Guarantees 197
The Twilight of Left Liberalism? 197
Realistic Utopianism 203
Aims and Guarantees 215

Chapter 8: Free Market Fairness 226
The Difference Principle 226
Fair Equality of Opportunity 237
Political Liberty 247
Generational, Environmental, and International Justice 254
Free Market Fairness as a Moral Ideal 264
Conclusion 267

Notes 273
Bibliography 315
Index 333

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File created: 10/23/2013

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