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Why Adjudicate?
Enforcing Trade Rules in the WTO
Christina L. Davis

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List of Figures ix
List of Tables x
Acknowledgments xi
List of Abbreviations xv

Chapter 1:.Introduction 1
The Enforcement of International Trade Law 6
Overview 20

Chapter 2: Domestic Constraints and Active Enforcement 26
Trade Institutions and Liberalization 29
Political Origins of Demand for Trade Enforcement 39
Hypotheses for Trade Strategies 57
Conclusion 60

Chapter 3. The Democratic Propensity for Adjudication 62
Why Are Democracies Litigious? 66
Data 72
Democratic Challengers 80
Democratic Defendants 88
Alliances and Dyadic Dispute Patterns 92
Conclusion 100

Chapter 4:The Litigious State: U.S. Trade Policy 102
U.S. Role as Enforcer of Multilateral Trade Rules 104
Legislative Constraints in U.S. Trade Policy 111
The Kodak-Fuji Film Dispute 118
Foreign Trade Barrier Dataset 123
Statistical Analysis of U.S. Forum Choice 132
Boeing-Airbus Dispute 138
The China Problem 158
Conclusion 182

Chapter 5: The Reluctant Litigant: Japanese Trade Policy 185
Defending Market Access for Japanese Exports 187
Delegation in Japanese Trade Policy 195
Statistical Analysis of Japanese Forum Choice 210
Active Adjudication Targeting U.S. Steel Protection 225
Other Solutions for China 233
Conclusion 241

Chapter 6: Conflict Management: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Adjudication 244
Solving Hard Cases 246
Analysis of Progress to Remove Barrier 248
Analysis of Trade Dispute Duration 253
Conclusion 256

Chapter 7: Level Playing Field? Adjudication by Developing Countries 258
Peru Challenges European Food Labeling 262
Vietnam and the Catfish Dispute 267
Conclusion 279

Chapter 8: Conclusion 281
The Political Role of Adjudication 281
Conflict and Cooperation 293
Toward a Broader Theory of Legalization 297
Bibliography 301
Index 319

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File created: 4/21/2017

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