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Inside America's Most Selective Public High Schools
Chester E. Finn, Jr. & Jessica A. Hockett

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Introduction 1

Part I: The Big Picture 5
Chapter 1: History and Context 7
Chapter 2: Searching for Needles in the High School Haystack 22
Chapter 3: Exploring a New Constellation 28

Part II: Inside the Schools 57
Introduction 59
Chapter 4: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Aurora, IL 61
Chapter 5: School Without Walls, Washington, D.C. 71
Chapter 6: Central High School Magnet Career Academy, Louisville, KY 79
Chapter 7: Liberal Arts and Science Academy, Austin, TX 88
Chapter 8: Jones College Prep, Chicago, IL 96
Chapter 9: Benjamin Franklin High School, New Orleans, LA 106
Chapter 10: Townsend Harris High School, Queens, NY 114
Chapter 11: Pine View School for the Gifted, Osprey, FL 122
Chapter 12: Oxford Academy, Cypress, CA 131
Chapter 13: Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ 140
Chapter 14: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Annandale, VA 149
Chapter 15: Similarities and Differences 159

Part III: Summing Up 167
Chapter 16: Dilemmas and Challenges 169
Chapter 17: Conclusions 188

Appendix I: Selection Process and School List 203
Appendix II: Survey Questions 216
Notes 229
Index 249

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File created: 10/23/2013

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