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The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012
Edited by Mircea Pitici
Foreword by David Mumford

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Foreword: The Synergy of Pure and Applied Mathematics, of the Abstract and the Concrete
��� David Mumford ix
���Mircea Pitici xvii
Why Math Works
��� Mario Livio 1
Is Mathematics Discovered or Invented?
���Timothy Gowers 8
The Unplanned Impact of Mathematics
���Peter Rowlett 21
An Adventure in the Nth Dimension
��� Brian Hayes 30
Structure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers
���Terence Tao 43
The Strangest Numbers in String Theory
���John C. Baez and John Huerta 50
Mathematics Meets Photography: The Viewable Sphere
���David Swart and Bruce Torrence 61
Dancing Mathematics and the Mathematics of Dance
���Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Karl Schaffer 79
Can One Hear the Sound of a Theorem?
���Rob Schneiderman 93
Flat-Unfoldability and Woven Origami Tessellations
���Robert J. Lang 113
A Continuous Path from High School Calculus to University Analysis
���Timothy Gowers 129
Mathematics Teachers' Subtle, Complex Disciplinary Knowledge
���Brent Davis 135
How to Be a Good Teacher Is an Undecidable Problem
���Erica Flapan 141
How Your Philosophy of Mathematics Impacts Your Teaching
���Bonnie Gold 149
Variables in Mathematics Education
���Susanna S. Epp 163
Bottom Line on Mathematics Education
���David Mumford and Sol Garfunkel 173
History of Mathematics and History of Science Reunited?
���Jeremy Gray 176
Augustus De Morgan behind the Scenes
���Charlotte Simmons 186
Routing Problems: A Historical Perspective
���Giuseppe Bruno, Andrea Genovese, and Gennaro Improta 197
The Cycloid and Jean Bernoulli
���Gerald L. Alexanderson 209
Was Cantor Surprised?
��� Fernando Q. Gouvêa 216
Why Is There Philosophy of Mathematics at All?
��� Ian Hacking 234
Ultimate Logic: To Infinity and Beyond
��� Richard Elwes 255
Mating, Dating, and Mathematics: It's All in the Game
��� Mark Colyvan 262
Contributors 273
Notable Texts 281
Acknowledgments 285
Credits 287

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File created: 11/22/2015

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