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Europe and the Islamic World:
A History
John Tolan, Henry Laurens, & Gilles Veinstein
With a foreword by John L. Esposito

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Foreword by John L. Esposito vii
General Introduction 1

Part I: Saracens and Ifranj: Rivalries,Emulation, and Convergences
By John Tolan

  • 1. The Geographers' World: From Arabia Felix to the Balad al-Ifranj (Land of the Franks) 11
  • 2. Conquest and Its Justifications: Jihad, Crusade, Reconquista 27
  • 3. The Social Inferiority of Religious Minorities: Dhimmis and Mudejars 49
  • 4. In Search of Egyptian Gold: Traders in the Mediterranean 70
  • 5. On the Shoulders of Giants: Transmission and Exchange of Knowledge 87

Part II: The Great Turk and Europe
By Gilles Veinstein

  • Introduction to Part II: Continuity and Change in Geopolitics 111
  • 6. The Ottoman Conquest in Europe 120
  • 7. Ottoman Europe: An Ancient Fracture 149
  • 8. Antagonistic Figures 163
  • 9. The Islamic-Christian Border in Europe 186
  • 10. Breaches in the Conflict 206

Part III: Europe and the Muslim World in the Contemporary Period
By Henry Laurens

  • Introduction to Part III 257
  • 11. The Eighteenth Century as Turning Point 259
  • 12. Civilization or Conquest? 277
  • 13. The Age of Reform 295
  • 14. The Age of Empire 322
  • 15. The First Blows to European Domination 338
  • 16. The Great War and the Beginning of Emancipation 360
  • 17. Contemporary Issues 387

Notes 405
Selected Bibliography 439
Index 445

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File created: 4/21/2017

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