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The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
Edited by Eldar Shafir

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Foreword vii
Daniel Kahneman
List of Contributors xi
Acknowledgments xvii
Introduction 1
Eldar Shafir

Part 1. Prejudice and Discrimination

  • Chapter 1. The Nature of Implicit Prejudice: Implications for Personal and Public Policy 13
  • Curtis D. Hardin, Mahzarin R. Banaji
  • Chapter 2. Biases in Interracial Interactions: Implications for Social Policy 32
  • J. Nicole Shelton, Jennifer A. Richeson, John F. Dovidio
  • Chapter 3. Policy Implications of Unexamined Discrimination: Gender Bias in Employment as a Case Study 52
  • Susan T. Fiske, Linda H. Krieger

Part 2. Social Interactions

  • Chapter 4. The Psychology of Cooperation: Implications for Public Policy 77
  • Tom Tyler
  • Chapter 5. Rethinking Why People Vote: Voting as Dynamic Social Expression 91
  • Todd Rogers, Craig R. Fox, Alan S. Gerber
  • Chapter 6. Perspectives on Disagreement and Dispute Resolution: Lessons from the Lab and the Real World 108
  • Lee Ross
  • Chapter 7. Psychic Numbing and Mass Atrocity 126
  • Paul Slovic, David Zionts, Andrew K. Woods, Ryan Goodman, Derek Jinks

Part 3. The Justice System

  • Chapter 8. Eyewitness Identification and the Legal System 145
  • Nancy K. Steblay, Elizabeth F. Loftus
  • Chapter 9. False Convictions 163
  • Phoebe Ellsworth, Sam Gross
  • Chapter 10. Behavioral Issues of Punishment, Retribution, and Deterrence 181
  • John M. Darley, Adam L. Alter

Part 4. Bias and Competence

  • Chapter 11. Claims and Denials of Bias and Their Implications for Policy 195
  • Emily Pronin, Kathleen Schmidt
  • Chapter 12. Questions of Competence: The Duty to Inform and the Limits to Choice 217
  • Baruch Fischhoff, Sara L. Eggers
  • Chapter 13. If Misfearing Is the Problem, Is Cost-Benefit Analysis the Solution? 231
  • Cass R. Sunstein

Part 5. Behavioral Economics and Finance

  • Chapter 14. Choice Architecture and Retirement Saving Plans 245
  • Shlomo Benartzi, Ehud Peleg, Richard H. Thaler
  • Chapter 15. Behavioral Economics Analysis of Employment Law 264
  • Christine Jolls
  • Chapter 16. Decision Making and Policy in Contexts of Poverty 281
  • Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir

Part 6. Behavior Change

  • Chapter 17. Psychological Levers of Behavior Change 301
  • Dale T. Miller, Deborah A. Prentice
  • Chapter 18. Turning Mindless Eating into Healthy Eating 310
  • Brian Wansink
  • Chapter 19. A Social Psychological Approach to Educational Intervention 329
  • Julio Garcia, Geoffrey L. Cohen

Part 7. Improving Decisions

  • Chapter 20. Beyond Comprehension: Figuring Out Whether Decision Aids Improve People's Decisions 351
  • Peter Ubel
  • Chapter 21. Using Decision Errors to Help People Help Themselves 361
  • George Loewenstein, Leslie John, Kevin G. Volpp
  • Chapter 22. Doing the Right Thing Willingly: Using the Insights of Behavioral Decision Research for Better Environmental Decisions 380
  • Elke U. Weber
  • Chapter 23. Overcoming Decision Biases to Reduce Losses from Natural Catastrophes 398
  • Howard Kunreuther, Robert Meyer, Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Part 8. Decision Contexts

  • Chapter 24. Decisions by Default 417
  • Eric J. Johnson, Daniel G. Goldstein
  • Chapter 25. Choice Architecture 428
  • Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein, John P. Balz
  • Chapter 26. Behaviorally Informed Regulation 440
  • Michael S. Barr, Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir

Part 9. Commentaries

  • Chapter 27. Psychology and Economic Policy 465
  • William J. Congdon
  • Chapter 28. Behavioral Decision Science Applied to Health-Care Policy 475
  • Donald A. Redelmeier
  • Chapter 29. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Debiasing the Policy Makers Themselves 481
  • Paul Brest
  • Chapter 30. Paternalism, Manipulation, Freedom, and the Good 494
  • Judith Lichtenberg

Index 499

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