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On Global Justice
Mathias Risse

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Part 1: Shared Citizenship and Common Humanity

  • Chapter 1: The Grounds of Justice 1
  • Chapter 2: "Un Pouvoir Ordinaire": Shared Membership in a State as a Ground of Justice 23
  • Chapter 3: Internationalism versus Statism and Globalism: Contemporary Debates 41
  • Chapter 4: What Follows from Our Common Humanity? The
    Institutional Stance, Human Rights, and Nonrelationism 63

Part 2: Common Ownership of the Earth

  • Chapter 5: Hugo Grotius Revisited: Collective Ownership of
    the Earth and Global Public Reason 89
  • Chapter 6: "Our Sole Habitation": A Contemporary Approach to Collective Ownership of the Earth 108
  • Chapter 7: Toward a Contingent Derivation of Human Rights 130
  • Chapter 8: Proportionate Use: Immigration and Original Ownership of the Earth 152
  • Chapter 9: "But the Earth Abideth For Ever": Obligations to Future Generations 167
  • Chapter 10: Climate Change and Ownership of the Atmosphere 187

Part 3: International Political and Economic Structures

  • Chapter 11: Human Rights as Membership Rights in the Global Order 209
  • Chapter 12: Arguing for Human Rights: Essential Pharmaceuticals 232
  • Chapter 13: Arguing for Human Rights: Labor Rights as Human Rights 245
  • Chapter 14: Justice and Trade 261

Part 4: Global Justice and Institutions

  • Chapter 15: The Way We Live Now 281
  • Chapter 16: "Imagine There's No Countries": A Reply to John Lennon 304
  • Chapter 17: Justice and Accountability: The State 325
  • Chapter 18: Justice and Accountability: The World Trade Organization 346

Notes 361
Bibliography 415
Index 453

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File created: 4/21/2017

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