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As If God Existed:
Religion and Liberty in the History of Italy
Maurizio Viroli
Translated by Alberto Nones

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Preface [in PDF format]


Preface to the English Edition xi

Introduction 1

Part I A Republican Christianity
1 Republics Protected by God 15
2 Images of the Civil Religion 21
3 Republican and Monarchical Religion 29
4 A Religion That Instills Virtue 33
5 Sacred Laws and Sacred Republics 37
6 Republican Religion and Religious Reform 45
7 A Religion to Live Free 52
8 Within the Soul 62
9 The Twilight of Republican Religion 72

Part II Religious Rebirth and National Emancipation
10 Without God 89
11 After the Revolution 103
12 The New Alliance 115
13 Literature and Hymns of the Religion of Liberty 126
14 Apostles and Martyrs 140
15 Masters 145
16 Regrets and the Quest for New Faiths 154

Part III They Got Too Close to the Light
17 Two Clashing Religions 175
18 In the Name of Christ 186
19 Inner Liberty 200
20 The Religion of Liberty 214
21 A Religion That Instills Hope 226
22 The Religion of Duty 235
23 As If God Existed 249
24 Only a God Can Expel a God 259
25 Leaving Life 268
26 Twilight 275

Notes 283

Index 329

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File created: 11/1/2016

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