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The Emergence of Organizations and Markets
John F. Padgett & Walter W. Powell

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Contributors ix
List of Illustrations xiii
List of Tables xvii
Acknowledgments xix

Chapter 1 The Problem of Emergence
John F. Padgett and Walter W. Powell

Part I Autocatalysis 31

  • Chapter 2 Autocatalysis in Chemistry and the Origin of Life
    John F. Padgett 33
  • Chapter 3 Economic Production as Chemistry II
    John F. Padgett, Peter McMahan, and Xing Zhong 70
  • Chapter 4 From Chemical to Social Networks
    John F. Padgett 92

Part II Early Capitalism and State Formation 115

  • Chapter 5 The Emergence of Corporate Merchant-Banks in Dugento Tuscany
    John F. Padgett 121
  • Chapter 6 Transposition and Refunctionality: The Birth of Partnership Systems in Renaissance Florence
    John F. Padgett 168
  • Chapter 7 Country as Global Market: Netherlands, Calvinism, and the Joint-Stock Company
    John F. Padgett 208
  • Chapter 8 Conflict Displacement and Dual Inclusion in the Construction of Germany
    Jonathan Obert and John F. Padgett 235

Part III Communist Transitions 267

  • Chapter 9 The Politics of Communist Economic Reform: Soviet Union and China
    John F. Padgett 271
  • Chapter 10 Deviations from Design: The Emergence of New Financial Markets and Organizations in Yeltsin's Russia
    Andrew Spicer 316
  • Chapter 11 The Emergence of the Russian Mobile Telecom Market: Local Technical Leadership and Global Investors in a Shadow of the State
    Valery Yakubovich and Stanislav Shekshnia 334
  • Chapter 12 Social Sequence Analysis: Ownership Networks, Political Ties, and Foreign Investment in Hungary
    David Stark and Balázs Vedres 347

Part IV Contemporary Capitalism and Science 375

  • Chapter 13 Chance, Nécessité, et Naïveté: Ingredients to Create a New Organizational Form
    Walter W. Powell and Kurt Sandholtz 379
  • Chapter 14 Organizational and Institutional Genesis: The Emergence of High-Tech Clusters in the Life Sciences
    Walter W. Powell, Kelley Packalen, and Kjersten Whittington 434
  • Chapter 15 An Open Elite: Arbiters, Catalysts, or Gatekeepers in the Dynamics of Industry Evolution?
    Walter W. Powell and Jason Owen-Smith 466
  • Chapter 16 Academic Laboratories and the Reproduction of Proprietary Science: Modeling Organizational Rules through Autocatalytic Networks
    Jeannette A. Colyvas and Spiro Maroulis 496
  • Chapter 17 Why the Valley Went First: Aggregation and Emergence in Regional Inventor Networks
    Lee Fleming, Lyra Colfer, Alexandra Marin, and Jonathan McPhie 520
  • Chapter 18 Managing the Boundaries of an "Open" Project
    Fabrizio Ferraro and Siobhán O'Mahony 545
  • Coda: Reflections on the Study of Multiple Networks
    Walter W. Powell and John F. Padgett 566

Index of Authors 571
Index of Subjects 573

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File created: 11/11/2014

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