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Social Trends in American Life:
Findings from the General Social Survey since 1972
Edited by Peter V. Marsden

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Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Contributors xiii

1 Introduction and Overview 1
Peter V. Marsden

Trends in Social and Political Orientations

2 On the Seemingly Relentless Progress in Americans' Support for Free
Expression, 1972-2006 19
James A. Davis

3 The Real Record on Racial Attitudes 38
Lawrence D. Bobo, Camille Z. Charles, Maria Krysan, and Alicia D. Simmons

4 Gender Role Attitudes since 1972: Are Southerners Distinctive? 84
Karen E. Campbell and Peter V. Marsden

5 Public Opinion in the "Age of Reagan": Political Trends 1972-2006 117
Jeff Manza, Jennifer A. Heerwig, and Brian J. McCabe

6 Crime, Punishment, and Social Disorder: Crime Rates and Trends in Public Opinion over More Than Three Decades 146
James D. Wright, Jana L. Jasinski, and Drew Noble Lanier

Changes in Confidence and Connections

7 Trends in Confidence in Institutions, 1973-2006 177
Tom W. Smith

8 Continuity and Change in American Religion, 1972-2008 212
Mark Chaves and Shawna Anderson

9 Trends in Informal Social Participation, 1974-2008 240
Peter V. Marsden and Sameer B. Srivastava

Stability and Flux in Social Indicators

10 Income, Age, and Happiness in America 267
Glenn Firebaugh and Laura Tach

11 Religion and Happiness 288
Michael Hout and Andrew Greeley

12 Labor Force Insecurity and U.S. Work Attitudes, 1970s-2006 315
Arne L. Kalleberg and Peter V. Marsden

13 Population Trends in Verbal Intelligence in the United States 338
Duane F. Alwin and Julianna Pacheco

Appendix: The General Social Survey Project 369
Peter V. Marsden and Tom W. Smith

Index 379

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File created: 4/21/2017

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