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England's Rare Mosses and Liverworts:
Their History, Ecology, and Conservation
Ron D. Porley

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Introduction 5
What are bryophytes and why are they important? 9
Rarity in bryophytes 13
Conservation measures 19
People and bryophyte conservation 26
The Red List 31
Overview of threatened English bryophytes 34

THE SPECIES PROFILES (M: moss, L: liverwort)
M Acaulon mediterraneum Spiny-spored Pygmy-moss 46
M Acaulon triquetrum Triangular Pygmy-moss 47
M Andreaea frigida Icy Rock-moss 49
M Anomodon attenuatus Slender Tail-moss 51
M Anomodon longifolius Long-leaved Tail-moss 52
M Aplodon wormskioldii Carrion-moss 54
M Atrichum angustatum Lesser Smoothcap 56
M Bruchia vogesiaca Vosges Candle-moss 58
M Bryum calophyllum Blunt Bryum 60
M Bryum gemmiparum Welsh Thread-moss 61
M Bryum knowltonii Knowlton's Thread-moss 63
M Bryum marratii Baltic Bryum 65
M Bryum salinum Saltmarsh Thread-moss 67
L Cephaloziella baumgartneri Chalk Threadwort 69
L Cephaloziella dentata Toothed Threadwort 70
L Cephaloziella integerrima Lobed Threadwort 72
L Cephaloziella massalongi Lesser Copperwort 74
L Cephaloziella nicholsonii Greater Copperwort 75
M Ceratodon conicus Scarce Redshank 77
M Cheilothela chloropus Rabbit Moss 79
M Cinclidotus riparius Fountain Lattice-moss 81
M Cyclodictyon laetevirens Bright Green Cave-moss 83
M Cynodontium polycarpon Many-fruited Dog-tooth 85
M Dialytrichia saxicola Brittle Lattice-moss 87
M Dicranum spurium Rusty Fork-moss 88
M Dicranum undulatum Waved Fork-moss 90
M Didymodon cordatus Cordate Beard-moss 93
M Didymodon glaucus Glaucous Beard-moss 94
M Ditrichum cornubicum Cornish Path-moss 96
M Ditrichum subulatum Awl-leaved Ditrichum 99
L Dumortiera hirsuta Dumortier's Liverwort 100
M Ephemerum cohaerens Clustered Earth-moss 103
M Eurhynchiastrum pulchellum Elegant Feather-moss 104
M Fissidens curvatus Portuguese Pocket-moss 106
M Fissidens serrulatus Large Atlantic Pocket-moss 107
M Grimmia anodon Toothless Grimmia 109
M Grimmia elongata Brown Grimmia 111
M Homomallium incurvatum Incurved Feather-moss 113
L Jamesoniella undulifolia Marsh Flapwort 115
L Leiocolea rutheana Norfolk Flapwort 117
L Lejeunea mandonii Atlantic Pouncewort 119
L Liochlaena lanceolata Long-leaved Flapwort 121
L Lophozia capitata Large-celled Flapwort 123
L Lophozia herzogiana Herzog's Notchwort 125
L Marsupella profunda Western Rustwort 127
M Micromitrium tenerum Millimetre Moss 129
M Mielichhoferia elongata Elongate Copper-moss 131
L Nardia insecta Bug Flapwort 133
M Orthodontium gracile Slender Thread-moss 135
M Orthotrichum pallens Pale Bristle-moss 137
M Orthotrichum pumilum Dwarf Bristle-moss 139
M Philonotis marchica Bog Apple-moss 141
M Physcomitrium eurystomum Norfolk Bladder-moss 143
L Plagiochila norvegica Bilobed Featherwort 145
M Plasteurhynchium meridionale Portland Feather-moss 147
M Pseudocalliergon turgescens Turgid Scorpion-moss 148
M Rhynchostegium rotundifolium Round-leaved Feather-moss 150
L Riccia bifurca Lizard Crystalwort 153
L Riccia canaliculata Channelled Crystalwort 154
L Riccia nigrella Black Crystalwort 156
M Scopelophila cataractae Tongue-leaved Copper-moss 157
M Seligeria brevifolia Short Rock-bristle 159
M Seligeria carniolica Water Rock-bristle 160
M Seligeria diversifolia Long Rock-bristle 162
L Solenostoma caespiticium Delicate Flapwort 163
L Southbya nigrella Blackwort 165
L Southbya tophacea Green Blackwort 167
M Sphagnum balticum Baltic Bog-moss 168
M Splachnum vasculosum Rugged Collar-moss 170
L Telaranea europaea Irish Threadwort 172
L Telaranea murphyae Murphy's Threadwort 174
M Thamnobryum angustifolium Derbyshire Feather-moss 175
M Thamnobryum cataractarum Yorkshire Feather-moss 178
M Timmia megapolitana Indian-feather Moss 179
M Tomentypnum nitens Woolly Feather-moss 181
M Tortula cernua Flamingo-moss 183
M Tortula cuneifolia Wedge-leaved Screw-moss 185
M Tortula solmsii Solm's Screw-moss 186
M Tortula vahliana Chalk Screw-moss 188
M Tortula wilsonii Wilson's Pottia 190
M Weissia levieri Levier's Beardless-moss 191
M Weissia multicapsularis Many-fruited Beardless-moss 192
M Zygodon forsteri Knothole Yoke-moss 194
M Zygodon gracilis Slender Yoke-moss 197

Losses - The English extinctions 199
Appendix 1: British Red List species with post-2000 Welsh and Scottish records but not seen in England for over 50 years 206
Appendix 2: Species' Status Summary 207
Glossary 212
References 215
Acknowledgements 222
Index 223

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