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Towing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics
Robert B. Banks

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


Preface ix
Acknowledgments xiii
Chapter 1 Units and Dimensions and Mach Numbers 3
Chapter 2 Alligator Eggs and the Federal Debt 15
Chapter 3 Controlling Growth and Perceiving Spread 24
Chapter 4 Little Things Falling from the Sky 31
Chapter 5 Big Things Falling from the Sky 42
Chapter 6 Towing and Melting Enormous Icebergs: Part I 54
Chapter 7 Towing and Melting Enormous Icebergs: Part II 68
Chapter 8 A Better Way to Score the Olympics 79
Chapter 9 How to Calculate the Economic Energy of a Nation 93
Chapter 10 How to Start Football Games, and Other Probably Good Ideas 10
Chapter 11 Gigantic Numbers and Extreme Exponents 121
Chapter 12 Ups and Downs of Professional Football 133
Chapter 13 A Tower, a Bridge, and a Beautiful Arch 150
Chapter 14 Jumping Ropes and Wind Turbines 168
Chapter 15 The Crisis of the Deficit: Gompertz to the Rescue 179
Chapter 16 How to Reduce the Population with Differential Equations 189
Chapter 17 Shot Puts, Basketballs, and Water Fountains 201
Chapter 18 Balls and Strikes and Home Runs 219
Chapter 19 Hooks and Slices and Holes in One 234
Chapter 20 Happy Landings in the Snow 243
Chapter 21 Water Waves and Falling Dominoes 254
Chapter 22 Something Shocking about Highway Traffic 270
Chapter 23 How Tall Will I Grow? 283
Chapter 24 How Fast Can Runners Run? 300
References 321
Index 327

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File created: 4/21/2017

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