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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by author) in Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity

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bookjacketAkçam, T.
The Young Turks' Crime against Humanity:
The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire.

bookjacketBhabha, J.
Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age.

bookjacketEmcke, C.
Echoes of Violence:
Letters from a War Reporter.

bookjacketGilligan, E.
Terror in Chechnya:
Russia and the Tragedy of Civilians in War.

bookjacketLazreg, M.
Torture and the Twilight of Empire:
From Algiers to Baghdad.

bookjacketNaimark, N.M.
Stalin's Genocides.

bookjacketNeier, A.
The International Human Rights Movement:
A History.

bookjacketRobinson, G.
"If You Leave Us Here, We Will Die":
How Genocide Was Stopped in East Timor.

bookjacketRodogno, D.
Against Massacre:
Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire, 1815-1914.

bookjacketScheffer, D.
All the Missing Souls:
A Personal History of the War Crimes Tribunals.

bookjacketWerth, N.; Rendall, S., trans.
Cannibal Island:
Death in a Siberian Gulag.

File created: 9/8/2014

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