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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by title) in Literature in History

David Bromwich, James Chandler, and Lionel Gossman, Series EditorsThe books in this series study literary works in the context of the intellectual conditions, social movements, and patterns of action in which they took shape.

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bookjacketArbitrary Power:
Romanticism, Language, Politics.
W. Keach.

bookjacketBardic Nationalism:
The Romantic Novel and the British Empire.
K. Trumpener.

bookjacketThe Deaths of Louis XVI:
Regicide and the French Political Imagination.
S. Dunn.

blankjacketEpic and Empire:
Politics and Generic Form from Virgil to Milton.
D. Quint.

bookjacketExcess and the Mean in Early Modern English Literature.
J. Scodel.

bookjacketThe Hero of the Waverley Novels:
With New Essays on Scott.
A. Welsh.

bookjacketMilton and the Revolutionary Reader.
S. Achinstein.

bookjacketRural Scenes and National Representation:
Britain, 1815-1850.
E.K. Helsinger.

bookjacketScott's Shadow:
The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh.
I. Duncan.

bookjacketThe Spectacle of Intimacy:
A Public Life for the Victorian Family.
K. Chase and M. Levenson.

blankjacketVital Signs:
Medical Realism in Nineteenth-Century Fiction.
L. Rothfield.

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File created: 9/8/2014

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