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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by title) in Monographs in Population Biology

Simon A. Levin and Henry S. Horn, Series EditorsMonographs in Population Biology is a continuing series of books intended to examine important aspects of the ecology of plants and animals. Embracing both theoretical and empirical studies in a variety of subject areas, the series aims at well-written books that emphasize synthesis, fresh insights, and creative speculation. From the start (with MacArthur's and Wilson's Theory of Island Biogeography) the series has produced some minor classics, and has delineated new areas of research in population biology.

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bookjacketAdaptive Diversification (MPB-48).
M. Doebeli.

bookjacketAdaptive Geometry of Trees. (MPB-3).
H.S. Horn.

bookjacketCaste and Ecology in the Social Insects. (MPB-12).
G.F. Oster and E.O. Wilson.

bookjacketCommunities and Ecosystems:
Linking the Aboveground and Belowground Components (MPB-34).
D.A. Wardle.

blankjacketCompetition and the Structure of Bird Communities. (MPB-7).
M.L. Cody.

bookjacketComplex Population Dynamics:
A Theoretical/Empirical Synthesis (MPB-35).
P. Turchin.

bookjacketConsanguinity, Inbreeding, and Genetic Drift in Italy (MPB-39).
L.L. Cavalli-Sforza, A. Moroni, et al.

bookjacketConsumer-Resource Dynamics (MPB-36).
W.W. Murdoch, C.J. Briggs, et al.

blankjacketCultural Transmission and Evolution:
A Quantitative Approach. (MPB-16).
L.L. Cavalli-Sforza and M.W. Feldman.

blankjacketThe Dynamics of Arthopod Predator-Prey Systems. (MPB-13).
M.P. Hassell.

bookjacketThe Ecological Detective:
Confronting Models with Data (MPB-28).
R. Hilborn and M. Mangel.

bookjacketEcological Niches and Geographic Distributions (MPB-49).
A.T. Peterson, J. Soberón, et al.

bookjacketEcology of Climate Change:
The Importance of Biotic Interactions.
E. Post.

bookjacketEvolution in Changing Environments:
Some Theoretical Explorations. (MPB-2).
R. Levins.

bookjacketEvolutionary Biology of Parasites. (MPB-15).
P.W. Price.

bookjacketEvolutionary Ecology across Three Trophic Levels:
Goldenrods, Gallmakers, and Natural Enemies (MPB-29).
W.G. Abrahamson and A.E. Weis.

bookjacketFitness Landscapes and the Origin of Species (MPB-41).
S. Gavrilets.

bookjacketThe Florida Scrub Jay:
Demography of a Cooperative-Breeding Bird. (MPB-20).
G.E. Woolfenden and J.W. Fitzpatrick.

bookjacketFood Webs (MPB-50).
K.S. McCann.

blankjacketFood Webs and Niche Space. (MPB-11).
J.E. Cohen and D.W. Stephens.

bookjacketFrom Populations to Ecosystems:
Theoretical Foundations for a New Ecological Synthesis (MPB-46).
M. Loreau.

bookjacketThe Functional Consequences of Biodiversity:
Empirical Progress and Theoretical Extensions (MPB-33).
D. Tilman, A.P. Kinzig, S. Pacala, et al., eds.

bookjacketGenetic Structure and Selection in Subdivided Populations (MPB-40).
F. Rousset.

blankjacketGeographic Variation, Speciation and Clines. (MPB-10).
J.A. Endler.

bookjacketGeographical Genetics (MPB-38).
B.K. Epperson.

bookjacketGroup Selection in Predator-Prey Communities. (MPB-9).
M.E. Gilpin.

blankjacketA Hierarchical Concept of Ecosystems. (MPB-23).
R.V. O'Neill, D.L. Deangelis, et al.

bookjacketMate Choice in Plants:
Tactics, Mechanisms, and Consequences. (MPB-19).
N. Burley and M.F. Willson.

bookjacketMechanistic Home Range Analysis. (MPB-43).
P. Moorcroft and M.A. Lewis.

bookjacketMutualistic Networks.
J. Bascompte and P. Jordano.

blankjacketNatural Selection in the Wild. (MPB-21).
J.A. Endler.

bookjacketNiche Construction:
The Neglected Process in Evolution (MPB-37).
F.J. Odling-Smee, K.N. Laland, et al.

bookjacketPlant Strategies and the Dynamics and Structure of Plant Communities. (MPB-26).
D. Tilman.

bookjacketPopulation and Community Ecology of Ontogenetic Development.
A.M. de Roos and L. Persson.

blankjacketPopulation Ecology of Individuals. (MPB-25).
A. Lomnicki.

bookjacketPopulation Ecology of the Cooperatively Breeding Acorn Woodpecker. (MPB-24).
W.D. Koenig and R.L. Mumme.

blankjacketPopulation Harvesting:
Demographic Models of Fish, Forest, and Animal Resources. (MPB-27).
W.M. Getz and R.G. Haight.

blankjacketPopulations in a Seasonal Environment. (MPB-5).
S.D. Fretwell.

bookjacketResolving Ecosystem Complexity (MPB-47).
O.J. Schmitz.

blankjacketResource Competition and Community Structure. (MPB-17).
D. Tilman.

bookjacketScale, Heterogeneity, and the Structure and Diversity of Ecological Communities.
M.E. Ritchie.

bookjacketSelf-Organization in Complex Ecosystems. (MPB-42).
R.V. Solé and J. Bascompte.

bookjacketSex Allocation.
S. West.

blankjacketSex and Evolution. (MPB-8).
G.C. Williams.

blankjacketSome Adaptations of Marsh-Nesting Blackbirds. (MPB-14).
G.H. Orians.

bookjacketSpatial Ecology:
The Role of Space in Population Dynamics and Interspecific Interactions (MPB-30).
D. Tilman and P. Kareiva, eds.

bookjacketStability in Model Populations (MPB-31).
L.D. Mueller and A. Joshi.

bookjacketTheoretical Aspects of Population Genetics. (MPB-4).
M. Kimura and T. Ohta.

bookjacketTheoretical Studies on Sex Ratio Evolution. (MPB-22).
S. Karlin and S. Lessard.

blankjacketThe Theory of Sex Allocation. (MPB-18).
E.L. Charnov.

bookjacketThe Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography (MPB-32).
S.P. Hubbell.

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