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bookjacketBotwinick, A.
Michael Oakeshott's Skepticism.

bookjacketBurgess, J.
Fixing Frege.

bookjacketCohen, T.
Thinking of Others:
On the Talent for Metaphor.

bookjacketDarwall, S.
Welfare and Rational Care.

bookjacketFogelin, R.J.
A Defense of Hume on Miracles.

bookjacketFogelin, R.J.
Taking Wittgenstein at His Word:
A Textual Study.

bookjacketFoley, R.
When Is True Belief Knowledge?

bookjacketForster, M.N.
Kant and Skepticism.

bookjacketGeuss, R.
Public Goods, Private Goods.

bookjacketHampshire, S.
Justice Is Conflict.

bookjacketHonneth, A.; Löb, L., trans.
The Pathologies of Individual Freedom:
Hegel's Social Theory.

bookjacketKeller, S.

bookjacketKim, J.
Physicalism, or Something Near Enough.

bookjacketMarmor, A.
Social Conventions:
From Language to Law.

bookjacketMele, A.R.
Self-Deception Unmasked.

bookjacketMulhall, S.
Philosophical Myths of the Fall.

bookjacketPippin, R.B.
Hegel on Self-Consciousness:
Desire and Death in the Phenomenology of Spirit.

bookjacketRaatzsch, R.; Lob, L., trans.
The Apologetics of Evil:
The Case of Iago.

bookjacketStrawson, G.
Locke on Personal Identity:
Consciousness and Concernment.

bookjacketStrawson, G.
Locke on Personal Identity:
Consciousness and Concernment.

bookjacketTheunissen, M.; Harshav, B., Illbruck, H. and Illbruck, H., trans.
Kierkegaard's Concept of Despair.

bookjacketYaffe, G.
Liberty Worth the Name:
Locke on Free Agency.

File created: 9/8/2014

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