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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by title) in Princeton Series in Astrophysics

David N. Spergel, Series EditorAn international monograph series in astrophysics for researchers and students.

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bookjacketActive Galactic Nuclei:
From the Central Black Hole to the Galactic Environment.
J.H. Krolik.

bookjacketConversations on Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Cosmos.
E. Parker.

bookjacketDynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters.
L.S. Spitzer, Jr.

bookjacketDynamics and Evolution of Galactic Nuclei.
D. Merritt.

bookjacketElectromagnetic Processes.
R.J. Gould.

bookjacketExoplanet Atmospheres:
Physical Processes.
S. Seager.

bookjacketThe First Galaxies in the Universe.
A. Loeb and S.R. Furlanetto.

blankjacketGalactic Astronomy.
J. Binney and M. Merrifield.

bookjacketGalactic Dynamics:
(Second Edition).
J. Binney and S. Tremaine.

bookjacketHigh-Energy Astrophysics.
F. Melia.

bookjacketHigh Energy Radiation from Black Holes:
Gamma Rays, Cosmic Rays, and Neutrinos.
C.D. Dermer and G. Menon.

bookjacketIntroduction to Modeling Convection in Planets and Stars:
Magnetic Field, Density Stratification, Rotation.
G.A. Glatzmaier.

bookjacketPhysics of the Interstellar and Intergalactic Medium.
B.T. Draine.

bookjacketStellar Spectral Classification.
R. Gray and C.J. Corbally.

bookjacketSupernovae and Nucleosynthesis:
An Investigation of the History of Matter, from the Big Bang to the Present.
D. Arnett.

bookjacketTheory of Stellar Atmospheres:
An Introduction to Astrophysical Non-equilibrium Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis.
I. Hubeny and D. Mihalas.

bookjacketUnsolved Problems in Astrophysics.
J.N. Bahcall and J.P. Ostriker, eds.

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File created: 9/8/2014

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