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bookjacketBarfield, T.
The War for Afghanistan: A Very Brief History:
From Afghanistan: A Cultural and Political History.

bookjacketBartels, L.M.
The New Gilded Age:
From Unequal Democracy.

bookjacketClausewitz, C.; Howard, M.E. and Paret, P., eds. and trans.
On Victory and Defeat:
From On War.

bookjacketDeffeyes, K.S.
The Future of Fossil Fuels:
From Hubbert's Peak.

bookjacketKloppenberg, J.T.
The Education of Barack Obama:
From Reading Obama.

bookjacketLeeson, P.T.
The Secrets of Pirate Management:
From The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates.

bookjacketMynott, J.
The Beauty of Birds:
From Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience.

bookjacketReinhart, C.M. and Rogoff, K.
The Second Great Contraction:
From This Time Is Different.

bookjacketRogoff, K. and Reinhart, C.M.
The Second Great Contraction:
From This Time Is Different.

bookjacketSeeley, T.D.
The Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees (and What We Can Learn from Them):
From Honeybee Democracy.

bookjacketThoreau, H.D.; Shanley, J.L., ed.
On Reading:
From Walden.

File created: 9/8/2014

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