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BROWSE PRINCETON'S SERIES (by author) in Princeton Studies in International History and Politics

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bookjacketBass, G.J.
Stay the Hand of Vengeance:
The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals.

bookjacketBiddle, T.D.
Rhetoric and Reality in Air Warfare:
The Evolution of British and American Ideas about Strategic Bombing, 1914-1945.

bookjacketBrooks, S.G.
Producing Security:
Multinational Corporations, Globalization, and the Changing Calculus of Conflict.

bookjacketBukovansky, M.
Legitimacy and Power Politics:
The American and French Revolutions in International Political Culture.

bookjacketChristensen, T.J.
Useful Adversaries:
Grand Strategy, Domestic Mobilization, and Sino-American Conflict, 1947-1958.

bookjacketChristensen, T.J.
Worse Than a Monolith:
Alliance Politics and Problems of Coercive Diplomacy in Asia.

bookjacketCopeland, D.
Economic Interdependence and War.

bookjacketFarnham, B.R.
Roosevelt and the Munich Crisis:
A Study of Political Decision-Making.

bookjacketFravel, M.T.
Strong Borders, Secure Nation:
Cooperation and Conflict in China's Territorial Disputes.

bookjacketFriedberg, A.L.
In the Shadow of the Garrison State:
America's Anti-Statism and Its Cold War Grand Strategy.

bookjacketGoemans, H.E.
War and Punishment:
The Causes of War Termination and the First World War.

bookjacketHarrison, H.M.
Driving the Soviets up the Wall:
Soviet-East German Relations, 1953-1961.

bookjacketHerbst, J.
States and Power in Africa:
Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control.

bookjacketHerbst, J.
States and Power in Africa:
Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control.

bookjacketHurd, E.S.
The Politics of Secularism in International Relations.

bookjacketIkenberry, G.J.
After Victory:
Institutions, Strategic Restraint, and the Rebuilding of Order after Major Wars.

bookjacketIkenberry, G.J.
Liberal Leviathan:
The Origins, Crisis, and Transformation of the American World Order.

bookjacketJohnston, A.I.
Cultural Realism:
Strategic Culture and Grand Strategy in Chinese History.

bookjacketJohnston, A.I.
Social States:
China in International Institutions, 1980-2000.

bookjacketKirshner, J.
Appeasing Bankers:
Financial Caution on the Road to War.

bookjacketKupchan, C.A.
How Enemies Become Friends:
The Sources of Stable Peace.

bookjacketLake, D.A.
Entangling Relations:
American Foreign Policy in Its Century.

bookjacketLebow, R.N. and Stein, J.G.
We All Lost the Cold War.

bookjacketLiberman, P.
Does Conquest Pay?
The Exploitation of Occupied Industrial Societies.

bookjacketLüthi, L.M.
The Sino-Soviet Split:
Cold War in the Communist World.

blankjacketMcAdams, A.J.
Germany Divided:
From the Wall to Reunification.

bookjacketMendelson, S.E.
Changing Course:
Ideas, Politics, and the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan.

blankjacketMiscamble, W.D.
George F. Kennan and the Making of American Foreign Policy, 1947-1950.

bookjacketNarang, V.
Nuclear Strategy in the Modern Era:
Regional Powers and International Conflict.

bookjacketNexon, D.H.
The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe:
Religious Conflict, Dynastic Empires, and International Change.

bookjacketOwen, J.M., IV.
The Clash of Ideas in World Politics:
Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010.

blankjacketOye, K.A.
Economic Discrimination and Political Exchange:
World Political Economy in the 1930s and 1980s.

bookjacketPhilpott, D.
Revolutions in Sovereignty:
How Ideas Shaped Modern International Relations.

bookjacketReus-Smit, C.
The Moral Purpose of the State:
Culture, Social Identity, and Institutional Rationality in International Relations.

bookjacketRisse-Kappen, T.
Cooperation among Democracies:
The European Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy.

blankjacketSagan, S.D.
The Limits of Safety:
Organizations, Accidents, and Nuclear Weapons.

bookjacketSarotte, M.E.
The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe.

bookjacketSarotte, M.E.
The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe.

bookjacketSchweller, R.L.
Unanswered Threats:
Political Constraints on the Balance of Power.

bookjacketSigal, L.V.
Disarming Strangers:
Nuclear Diplomacy with North Korea.

bookjacketSimmons, B.A.
Who Adjusts?
Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policy during the Interwar Years.

bookjacketSmith, T.
America's Mission:
The United States and the Worldwide Struggle for Democracy (Expanded Edition).

bookjacketSolingen, E.
Nuclear Logics:
Contrasting Paths in East Asia and the Middle East.

bookjacketSolingen, E.
Regional Orders at Century's Dawn:
Global and Domestic Influences on Grand Strategy.

bookjacketSpruyt, H.
The Sovereign State and Its Competitors:
An Analysis of Systems Change.

bookjacketStein, J.G. and Lebow, R.N.
We All Lost the Cold War.

bookjacketStone, R.W.
Satellites and Commissars:
Strategy and Conflict in the Politics of Soviet-Bloc Trade.

bookjacketStueck, W.
The Korean War:
An International History.

bookjacketThomson, J.E.
Mercenaries, Pirates, and Sovereigns:
State-Building and Extraterritorial Violence in Early Modern Europe.

bookjacketTrachtenberg, M.
The Cold War and After:
History, Theory, and the Logic of International Politics.

bookjacketTrachtenberg, M.
A Constructed Peace:
The Making of the European Settlement, 1945-1963.

bookjacketTrubowitz, P.
Politics and Strategy:
Partisan Ambition and American Statecraft.

bookjacketYarhi-Milo, K.
Knowing the Adversary:
Leaders, Intelligence, and Assessment of Intentions in International Relations.

bookjacketZakaria, F.
From Wealth to Power:
The Unusual Origins of America's World Role.

File created: 9/8/2014

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